Golden Rules - Member and Staff Safety

Introduction to this Review Course

Member and staff safety is our highest priority, we do not compromise on this. As an Airtasker Support, it is paramount to be able to handle correctly and escalate as soon as possible all tickets wherein physical security concerns are highlighted by a member.


On this module, we will ensure that you will be guided on the following cases for escalation:

          A. Identification of a Safety and Security concern

          B. Required Internal Actions and Escalation Procedure



Safety and Security Module

Identifying Safety and Security Cases

The below is the list of the ticket cases where a red flag is posing and must be handled with utmost care:

  • Legal and Authorities

  • Insurance Related: Worker Injury vs Damage to Property

  • Overall Safety (Calamities, Sabotage, Acts of Terrorism, etc)

  • Threats and Verbal Abuse by Another Member

  • Harm and Injury Caused by Another Member

  • Self-Harm / Self-inflicted Injury

  • Threat to Airtasker Staff

  • Fraudulent Activities

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Missing /Stolen Items

You shall see examples of scenarios / emails on the next pages for your reference.

Scenarios - Legal and Authorities

1. Poster informing us they are filing a case against a Worker due to advance payment through cash not being returned as well as threats being sent.

2. Police Authorities contacting us to gather information of an Airtasker Member regarding a case filed by another Airtasker Member

3. Poster mentioning he has gone to the police as a pet endorsed to Worker for minding is not being returned and Worker reporting at the same time he has reported a possible case of animal cruelty to RSPCA

4. Police authority contacting us about stolen item

Scenarios - Insurance Related: Worker Injury vs Damage to Property

1. Report about a Damage to Property while task is being carried out

2. Poster reporting about a damage to an item as well as worker injury

3. Poster inquiring about course of action for a possible injury -- no actual injury has happened yet

4. Specific insurance query of a Job Poster

Scenarios - Overall Safety (Calamities, Sabotage, Acts of Terrorism, etc.)

Scenarios - Labor Exploitation, Threats and Verbal Abuse by Another Member

1. Worker reporting about labor abuse

2. Worker reporting about work condition and verbal abuse of a third party

3. Member providing proof of threats sent by another member

Scenarios - Harm and Injury Caused by Another Member

Scenarios -  Self-Harm / Self-inflicted Injury

Scenarios - Threat / Profanity to Airtasker Staff

1. Member using profane / sexual language while communicating with an Airtasker staff.

2. Worker using vulgar language arising from frustration on an Airtasker activity

Scenarios - Fraudulent Activities

1. Poster reporting a Worker has reported Worker requested cash payment and task cancellation and has gone uncontactable since

2. An individual reporting someone has used their credit card details and has stolen from it.

Scenarios - Sexual Abuse

1. Poster reporting Worker has sexually abused her

2. Poster reporting sexual abuse

Scenarios - Missing /Stolen Items

1. Report about Stolen Item (non-monetary but of high value)

2. Missing Cash on the Poster's Premises

3. Possible missing motorcar (high value)

4. Un-returned goods / items

5. Possible Stolen Items

Required Internal Actions and Escalation Procedure

Escalation Procedure

What do we have to do to make it right? (Airtasker Zendesk Practices)

Customer Service Excellence

Confidentiality and Privacy Concerns

Quiz and Sign-off

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