(0) R Introduction test

This test contains questions about general things you should (or could) know about our company and market.

In total the test contains 9 questions for which you will need app. 5 minutes to complete it.

Note: this test is not limited in time and attempts.

Test questions (copy)

AEGIR-Marine does want to become the best Service Company in the world?

  • Yes, I agree for 200%!!
  • Yes, I agree for 99%!

Select two (2) products which are definitively serviced by AEGIR-Marine?

  • Laundry machines
  • Tunnel thrusters
  • Bicycles
  • Hair dryers
  • Stern tube seals
  • Safety helmets

Besides being a very kind colleague, who is the real fireman of the three (3) persons shown below?

Finish the below mentioned sentence:

 In the harbor of Wijk bij Duurstede you will find the eye apple of one of the founders of AEGIR-Marine, this eye apple is a ​.  One of the other founders has another eye apple and prefers to be on the road with his  ​.  

Who is who?

Match the names of our directors with their positions:
  • Robert van Herwaarden
    Production Director
  • Thijs van Berkel
    Finance Director
  • Andre Zijderveld
    Operations Director
  • Martin Visser
    Service Director
  • Paul Grizell
    Sales Director

Drag and drop the words to the correct positions:

  • Bridge
  • Containers
  • Sea
  • Sky
  • Stern

What is true or false?

  • Everybody working for AEGIR-Marine already has full knowledge about stern tube seals & propulsion systems.
  • More than 50% of staff of AEGIR-Marine is male.

Find the entrance:

Click at the future position of the front door of our new office building:

Who is your favorite AEGIR-Marine colleague: