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Hello! Welcome to the online manual on how to use Adobe Illustrator. The purpose of this website is for the average person who has never used Adobe Illustrator to get a little more familiar with the Adobe Illustrator application.

By the end of this, hopefully you will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and maybe draw a drawing of your own. Lets get started!

Are you ready to start learning Adobe Illustrator?

Basics of Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator is basically a canvas for people to draw and design their own pictures and designs. Think of Illustrator as a canvas that people use to draw and paint, but on the computer. Below is a short video of the basics of how to use Adobe Illustrator.

Example of Using Adobe Illustrator

Example of Adobe Illustrator

Are you not that familiar with computers?

Don't worry! This small tutorial will give you the basics of the application so you can start creating your own drawings!

Step 1

 You first need to create and set up your project by clicking the create new button located on the left side once you open up the application.

Step 2.

Next you want to start drawing whatever you planned on drawing. You should start with the more larger portions of whatever you are designing and then fill in the smaller details. Lets start with adding a rectangle shape. You can find the rectangle button on the gray tool bar on the side of the screen and click it to draw your rectangle. 

Step 3.

On the same tool bar you can add more shapes like circles and half circles.You can mess around with it if you like to get more familiar with it. There is also a line button where you can add certain lines. In this tutorial we will be drawing this house.

Step 4.

Add any shade of colors to whatever part of the drawing that you want. There are many shades of colors you can choose from. You can access the colors by clicking the properties panel and click fill color. You can choose any color of your preference.

Step 5.

Once you finish choosing your colors and adding some detail, your house should look a little something like this. It does not have the be exactly the same as mine but a little similar. Congratulations! you just created your first drawing on Adobe Illustrator.

Step 6.

Now there is just one last step! You need to save your drawing and output it however you want it outputted as. Normally a jpeg or PDF file are used when saving a picture. 



Well done! Hopefully if you followed this tutorial you learned some of the basics of how to use Adobe Illustrator. Now that you know the basics you can go learn, draw, and design more of your own drawings. Have fun!

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