Ingredients for a Perfect Project Plan!

If you are looking for a course that will wet your appetite for Project Planning then this is the course for you!

We will introduce you to the 10 ingredients that will assist you in serving up a the perfect project plan!

Importance of Time Management

How many ingredients are there in a creating a perfect project plan?

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Costs and Budgets

How many ingredients are on the Perfect Plan?

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How to develop the perfect project plan

How to develop the perfect project plan

In order for anything to go off without a hitch you need a plan! This is true of an event or a project in where technical design is required or even just planning your 4 years olds Princess party – they all require - PLANNING!

Drawing up a project plan will assist you and you will be able to identify key elements of your event / project these may include:

Can it be done?

Will it be finished on time?

How much will it cost?

Is it viable?

Will it work?

How can we be sure if it will deliver the required outcomes

What if we / the business change something?

How much progress have we made?

What if someone on the project goes off ill?

A project plan is made up of different elements that enable you to track and keep on track of all events, meetings, milestones and deliverables that will enable to meet the desired outcome of the project.

There are 10 essential steps to a good project plan – they are namely:

  1. Outline and define the business / client needs
  2. List of requirements and project objectives
  3. Project scope statement
  4. List of deliverables and due dates
  5. Detailed project schedule
  6. Risk assessment and management plan
  7. Define roles and responsibilities
  8. Resource allocation
  9. QA plan
  10. Communication plan

By using a project plan and adhering to all the guidelines and time frames you be able to successfully complete a project and meet the desired outcomes of the client or stakeholder.