Working Time Training

Welcome to your "Working Time Training"!

Do you know everything about the working time at MBMPL? Do you know what happens when you have to work longer or shorter as the regular working time per day? How are work breaks regulated and what do you have to consider when you are going on a business trip? Take the time now to review the course and you will get all important information.

The Basics of Working Time

The Basics of Working Time

The Basics of Working Time

The regular working time at MBMPL is 8 hours per day, including a 15 minutes paid break. Please define with your supervisor your approximately work start time (usually work start time is between 7 and 9 am).

It is obligatory to record your working time every day in the attendance list. Therefore please fill out all requested information every day. The attendance list will be collected and reviewed by the HR department at the end of every month and is the basic of your salary. As a consequence, if you have not filled in the attendance list, the HR department has the option not to pay your fully wage.

Choose the correct answer

I started to work at 8 am and took a break from 12:00 until 12:15. I should then leave the office at  .

Decide if the following statement is true or false

  • I started to work at 8 am and did not take a break. I should then leave the office at 3:45pm

Choose the correct answer

I have to fill in my working hours into the attendance list  

Flexitime, Plus- and Minus Hours

Information about Flexitime, Plus- and Minus Hours

Flexitime, Plus- and Minus Hours

Unlike in Germany, it is not allowed to exceed or to undercut the regulated 8 working hours per day without having the supervisor’s permission in advance. 

As a consequence, every absence must be approved in advance from your supervisor and the HR department has to be informed as well.

This is relevant not only when you want to take a whole day off, but also when you want to work only one hour longer or shorter at a working day!

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Working Breaks

Working Breaks

Additional Working Breaks

Every employee at MBMPL has the right to take a 15 minutes paidbreak that is included in the regular working time of 8 hours per day. 

Besides these 15 minutes it has been decided at MBMPL that an employeecan take additional breaks of 45 minutes. However these 45 minutes are notincluded in the working time and are thus not paid. Be aware that whenthe final legal work regulation is approved, these rules can vary. Youwill get informed when the final legal work regulation is implemented. 

To sum it up, an employee at MBMPL is allowed to take a paid break of 15 minutes and an additional 45 minutes unpaid break. In total the employee can take a break of maximal 60 minutes per working day. 

Decide if the following statements are true or false

  • I am allowed to take a maximum of 15 minutes paid break and 45 minutes additional unpaid break during a regular working day.
  • In my 45 minutes unpaid break, I am allowed to get private things done, for example going shopping or seeing a doctor
  • I started to work at 8am. I went to lunch for 60 minutes long. As a consequence I have to work until 4.45pm and have to write in my attendance form that I did an unpaid break of 45 minutes.

Business Trips and Travel Time

Business Trips and Travel Time

Similary to overtime, you have to follow two important steps when you will do a business trip:

  1. Get an approval from your supervisor in advance and inform the HR department about your business trip and that you'll be absent. 
  2. Make sure that you work 8 hours per day on your business trip. If you are not able to stick to your 8 hours, you have to do the same process as if you want to get an approval to do overtime or minus hours. 

Unbenannte Lückentext-Frage

Usually the travel time for a business trip part of the working time. However, there is an exception if the employee travels within his or her regular working time, for example when the employee drives at 8am from Jawor to Stuttgart and arrives at 4pm in Stuttgart.

When employees travel on the weekend to their business trip, this travel time part of the working time.

The leisure time on a business trip part of the working time.


You've completed a course on working time. Hopefully, now you have a better understanding what you have to consider concerning your working time at MBMPL!