Using a 'Hook' for your Paper.

This quick course is designed to explain how and why it is important to use a 'hook' or attention grabber for your paper.

Why use a 'Hook'?

A 'hook' is used to create interest in the written work, piece of art, or the music being played.

If you were to read a paper that started with a comparison of the way we see ourselves and the way we really are, this might be a nice ice-breaker.

What would make you want to continue reading a paper or book?

Possible 'hooks' include..

1. Try asking a question to open the topic with.

Often, asking a question makes people want to find the answer. Curiosity is a basic emotion of human beings, as well as cats. Ask your audience an intriguing question to spark their curiosity.

2. Work the numbers.

Use statistics to awe your audience and cause them to question the veracity of your facts. (Again with the curiosity.) Your readers will continue through your paper to see if what you are telling them is, in fact, correct.

3. Tell your story.

Address your audience as if they are friends and insert a personal story or a funny anecdote. Get the audience to like who you are and they will be more likely to listen when you speak. (Or write.)

4. Use a bold statement.

Be assertive and make your audience sit up and listen or lean closer to read, as the case may be. 

Write like you like it!

The beginning of your essay or research paper is a place to indulge in a little creativity. This is where you can get a little witty and wild to make your reader want to read more.

What is a possible 'hook'?

  • A turtle riding a unicycle.
  • Telling a joke, story, or anecdote.
  • The title.


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