Using Email

To ensure that the use of e-mail is a secure element of corporate communication. This applies both for communication within the organization as well as for external e-mail communication, for example with business partners.

General Email Use

All communication resources available by the company, including Email, must only be used for ?

Private use of Commercial E-mail systems is not permitted, unless ?

Which of the following is violating the use of emails?

All attempts to read, delete, copy, modify, decrypt or disseminate the e-mails of other Users without the appropriate authorization are prohibited. TRUE or FALSE

E-mails shall not be used to harass others or to perform illegal activities.

What are the potential risks for not knowing general Email use within Thyssenkrypp

Sending Email

Spam Email must be answered?

when sending sensitive information or as attachment to an email, regulation must be taken into  account to use encryption or secure data room (Cryptshare for outlook - Web interface)