Drug Education

This is a test course, consisting of a series of different question types and a video

Multiple Choice section

Passive smoking contributes to:

  • Asthma attacks
  • Sore eyes
  • Sneezing
  • All of the above

During exercise, people who smoke are more likely to:

  • Exercise more effectively
  • Suffer shortness of breath
  • Inhale, exhale more efficiently
  • Have improved endurance

Australian smoking habits

Question One

Some comments

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  • Most Australians smoke

Question Two

  • In NSW restaurants, smoking is banned

Question Three

  • Smoking causes premature ageing
  • Type your statement here...

Australian Drinking habits

Online research

Australian drinking habits

Visit http://www.drinkingnightmare.gov.au/internet/drinkingnightmare and complete the game on excessive drinking.

Watching a video

Watch a video

The 'Be responsible' video

Watch the video and provide a brief summary.

Provide a brief summary of what the video was about.

Activity 5

Match the term to the correct definition

  • IT scary guy
  • Normal, hard working Dinosaur