Get to Know Me in 20 Minutes


PART 1 | Who Am I and What Are My Interests?

Lesson 1 | The Early Years

The early years

Growing up, I had this dream of becoming a musician. I started playing the violin at age 6, then played the piano and the guitar right until the end of high-school.

But, alongside my musical ambitions, there was another side of me that loved telling stories with images. And that’s how I started creating videos the moment I got my first digital camera. I would compile short clips I’ve made on my travels and sync them to music I liked.

It was a great way to learn new technical skills and experiment with Windows Movie Maker. But, the quality was understandably awful. Nevertheless, I persisted.

I've decided to pursue a career in video making at age 17. That’s when I took part in a video creation summer camp called theonesminutejr. That’s where I created a short movie that got awarded the best self portrait in the Bucharest competition.

As a result of my win, I got invited to the Amsterdam Stranger Festival, where I had the opportunity of working with some amazing mentors and learn about video content creation.

This was the deciding moment, when I realized, I loved telling stories through videos more than anything, and I felt like I needed to pursue this instead of a career in music.

Question 1 | Reka's first video editing software was...

My first video editing software was...

Lesson 2 | Getting Started

Getting started

At 19, I moved to Cluj to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Cinematography and Media.

That’s where I developed an interest in content marketing. I loved the process of figuring out how to provide valuable content to audiences, make them engage with it and build loyalty through it.

I did my master’s in Media Communication and by the time I graduated, I had a very strong conceptual and technical background in creating effective copy, captivating images and engaging videos.

Not long after graduation, I heard about online freelancing. A graphic designer friend of mine told me what awesome projects he’s been working on and how he got to connect with clients from all over the world. I figured, this would be a great opportunity to further my knowledge and gain more experience.

So I started by registering on Upwork and figuring out what kind of projects were the right fit for my skills.

At the time, YouTube and Facebook were just starting to gain people’s attention, and everyone was rushing to create content. Video was getting the most engagement online, and had the highest viewer retention rates, so real estate agencies wanted videos of their properties, jewelry stores needed product presentation videos, and as the smartphone revolution came into full swing, everyone needed an  animated or typography explainer video for their app.

I knew that as I long as I could understand the market and learn new skills to adapt to these changes, I would have no shortage of work.

So, I would dedicate half my time to work and the other half learning to master software like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Audition, Camtasia, Audacity and many more online tools. Not only to be more efficient at my work, but also to expand the range of options I could offer to my clients.

Learning new skills and staying up-to date with industry-standards is still an integral part of my day-to-day operations.

Question 2

What has a bachelor’s in Cinematography and a master’s in Media Communication provided Reka with? Choose two!

  • A strong conceptual and technical background in content creation
  • Highly valued degrees in eLearning
  • Proof of her hard work and dedication

Lesson 3 | Figuring Things Out

Figuring things out

As I grew my freelancer profile to become top-rated and have a 100% client satisfaction score, I started to focus more on creating certain types of content.

Course creation became central to my business. As I gained more experience, I went from just editing course videos to building them from scratch. I would take a client’s idea, do the research, create an outline, a script, a styleguide, a storyboard and produce the video they needed.

The most important thing I learned in this process was that courses and teaching can never be self-serving. A course that has personality, resonates with audiences, educates and entertains is the only one that’s worth creating, because it’s the only one that’s ever going to make a meaningful impact in the learner’s life. That’s become my passion, and that’s how I’ve helped over 60 of my clients achieve their goals with content.

So, that’s been the start of my journey. In the next part, I will present to you how I got to work with some of the most successful online course creators. But first, answer the following question to earn your Adventurer badge.

See you on the other side!

Question 3

What's Reka's course creation process? Arrange them in the right order!

  • know the client's goals and needs
  • do the research
  • create an outline
  • create a script
  • create a style guide
  • create a storyboard
  • produce the videos

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Part 2 | Highlights of My Work Experience

Lesson 1 | Highlights of My Freelancing Career

Highlights of my freelancing career

Welcome back! In this part I will tell you about my recent work history and highlight some of my major achievements.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with clients like the Forbes acclaimed Bonnie Fahy, creator of Source it!  and the Online Marketing Institute.

I’ve had the opportunity of being involved in the creation and promotion process of hundreds of hours of online courses. I’ve also managed extensive outsourced teams on behalf of my clients and worked on long-term projects that have lasted 3-4 years.

With Source it!, we’ve maximized production value on learning videos and promotional videos like in this case, where we’ve gone from 3 thousand views to 60 thousand views, thanks to improvements in recording quality, editing and animation. We’ve created automated webinars, explainers and podcasts to support the student community.

With Amanda J. Daley’s leadership course, we went from an outline like this, to a script like this.

With the Online Marketing Institute, we’ve created trainings in Facebook advertising, Google Display advertising and many more.

With Popexpert, we’ve created mindful leadership programs with some of the most celebrated U.S. coaches in the industry.

One of the greatest challenges in course creation has been the interpretation of complex analytics data. I needed to figure out how to present them visually in a way that’s easy to comprehend. Two of my biggest projects of the kind have been the creation of internal training courses for Govini and CustomerGauge.

These experiences have taught me to inquire often, be efficient, resourceful, dedicated and highly flexible in learning new skills; adapting to changing technologies and processes.

Question 1

You've seen this image in the previous video. Let's see how good are you at recalling images from memory! Drag and drop the blue boxes containing the text in their right place.

  • - be dedicated
  • - be efficient

Lesson 2 | The Ups And Downs of Freelancing

The ups and downs of freelancing

There is this common misconception about freelancers being underachievers.

But, I learned very quickly that the exact opposite is true. Freelancing demands an incredible amount of discipline and dedication.

A successful freelancer needs to be able to find clients, manage communications, deadlines, budgets and deliver valuable content at the same time.

As a freelancer, I am solely responsible for making sure all these elements move in perfect sync all the time. There’s no room for mistakes, as ratings drop quickly and job opportunities diminish as a result of that.

The most important lessons I’ve learned were that:

-I need to ask as many questions as it takes to find out my client’s goals and needs

-deadlines need to be met to the second

-budgets need to be met to the penny

-communication has to be crystal clear

-conflicts and misunderstandings need to be resolved promptly and effectively

The second most common misconception about freelancing is that "free" means having more free time. In my experience that’s not the case. While there is definitely more room for arranging work schedules, the time it takes to manage projects and learn new skills, while doing valuable work, means that work doesn’t end at the 8-hour mark. There’s always constant planning going on, even when I’m not sitting in front of my computer, creating a courses.

In my book, the word "free" only describes the opportunity of choosing projects, clients and what I’m charging for my services.

What I love about my work is being able to connect with people remotely and learn about what’s going on in the eLearning industry around the world.

Question 2

What should a successful freelancer like Reka focus on in her work? Choose one answer!

  • To deliver the highest quality work, no matter how long it takes and what it costs
  • To do the least amount of work for the most amount of money
  • To find clients, manage communications, deadlines, budgets and deliver valuable content at the same time

Lesson 3 | Giving Back

Giving back

Systems set you free.

This is one of the things that I have pinned on my desktop to remind myself that building systems and processes allows me to do more of what really matters.

Throughout my freelancing career, I strived to automate as many of the administrative processes as possible. That’s how I created systems that have allowed me to spend less time in management and more time in adding value through the content I create.

It has also allowed me to work with local non-profit organizations, small start-ups and artisans to help them reach their desired audiences. 

I’ve been part of the Thinkonomy project for two and a half years. I’ve helped create a free eLearning course on personal finances that has reached over 10,000 people so far. I’ve also helped Matyas Deco build an online presence from scratch and have been invited to hold presentations for fellow freelancers on numerous occasions.

Now, let’s see if you know what motivates me? Answer the following question to unlock your High-Achiever badge.

Question 3

Why has Reka dedicated so much of her time to doing pro bono work? Choose one answer!

  • Because she’s pretending to be a good person
  • Because she believes in helping people achieve their goals
  • Because she wanted to grow her business locally

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Part 3 | Why Am I The Right Fit?

Woo Hoo! You've Made It To The Last Part!

You've made it to the last part!

Congratulations on making it to the last part of this course! In this part, we will explore how all that you’ve learned about me in the previous two parts will help you decide if I’m the right fit for this position.

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Lesson 1 | Why I create training courses

Why I create training courses

Courses help employees improve their performance and build essential skills. The purpose of any training is to give employees the tools, resources and the information needed to be more productive in the workplace. That can only be achieved by creating purpose-driven trainings.

In order to get maximum engagement and boost retention rates, learners must have a clear understanding of what they can expect to learn throughout the course, and how these skills and knowledge translate in the real world.

In my experience, one of the main sources of motivation for learners is to achieve their true potential. They want to be the best at their respective fields and knowing that you can get them there is what’s going to make them seize every opportunity to participate.

Now, course creation has become simpler and more flexible thanks to improvements in authoring tools like Adobe Captivate, Articulate 360, which offer a wide range of interactive multimedia functionalities. There are now multiple ways to engage learners in an online, on-demand environment from across the world. You can ask them to:

-participate in a community debate online, share their experiences, ask questions and propose solutions to their perceived problems

-participate in task-based scenarios or simulations instead of multiple choice true/false exams.

Mediums that have previously only been available to companies with massive production budgets, like video courses, are now much easier to produce and command better results in engagement and viewer retention thanks to improvements in the quality and portability of consumer-grade recording and lighting equipment.

Question 1

What do you think Reka would do to boost viewer retention for an internal training course? Click and place your pin in the image you think would be her choice!

Lesson 2 | Why I'm The Right Fit

Why I'm the Right Fit

I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients from all over the world. I’ve seen first-hand dozens of successful courses being created. 

I know the process of course creation from the ideation to the production and marketing. I’ve worked with extensive outsourced teams and managed huge time zone differences.

Freelancing has taught me to listen closely to my client’s goals and needs and to continually improve my skills in the creative, managerial and production processes.

I strive to stay up to date with the latest trends in course creation. I also take courses from Hubspot Academy and Google Digital Garage, not only to further my knowledge but also to learn best practice in course design from industry leaders.

What drives me in life is sharing knowledge. That could mean sharing my experiences or creating pathways that help people connect and learn from each other in order to enrich their lives.

So, you might be thinking, why would I want to be part of your organization?

Let me answer that right now. Freelancing has been a wonderful journey for me. It’s given me opportunities to learn, to grow and realize my potential in ways I never thought possible.

But, being a freelancer also means that I spend most of my time working alone in front of a 22-inch screen. This can result in feeling isolated and yearning for a community of creators and like-minded team of eLearning professionals with whom we could pool our skills and experiences together to create memorable content.

When I saw you were looking for an eLearning designer and I read the description, I felt like I had what it takes to become a valuable member of your team.

If you think so too, let’s have a chat!

It's time to earn your last badge, the Mastermind.

Then, I encourage you to become certified!

I hope you enjoyed this course, and thanks for watching!

Question 2

Describe which of Reka's qualities would make her a good fit for your team, and in which areas should she improve her skills!

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