Marketing in Project Management

Welcome to project manangement, in this section we will be discussing the importance of marketing for the success planning of an event.

At the end of this module you should be able to:

  1. LO1: Understand the definition of marketing

    LO2: Identify your target market and

    LO3: Attract and retain customers

Identifying marketing strategies

Product ,Price , Place and Promotion are popular online marketing mix

Identifying your target market

When planning for an event, it is important to understand the clients’ needs and expectations thereof. To pull off a successful event, there needs to be a briefing session with the client to get all-necessary details e.g. number of people expected, venue, budget allocations, menu preferences etc.

As an event planner, a number of factors should go into consideration when identifying which market to attract and retain, such as:

  1. Customer type: distinguishing between your customer base

new customers- establish customer need and go beyond expectations

 repeat customers-  appreciate and understanding existing customers’ needs and changes and continue to demonstrate the value you bring to their life

Advocates- usually rely on word of mouth marketing  and will vouch for you, therefor it is important to recognize and reward them so they stick around.

  1. Formulating appropriate online marketing mix:

Product: differentiate product and service offering based on clients’ needs that will set you apart from other event planners in the industry

Price: provide flexible price options to attract vast number of customers

Place: how far are you willing to go to deliver on expectations (geographic), e.g. hosting an event in a zoo

Promotion: use of relevant strategies to aid in the growth of the business

Pop up advertising when people serving the web (internet marketing)

Relationship marketing- maintain existing clientele and improve on customer loyalty

Diversity marketing, to attract customers from different backgrounds

Product ,Price , Place and Promotion are popular online marketing mix

The importance of marketing

What is marketing? The process of developing strategies and planning for product and service for the desired customer segment