Canyon Lister Fire Dept - Brush 51

Canyon-Lister Fire Department Brush 51 - What you need to know when driving, operating, or responding

Driving - Need to Know

Basic Info

Who is allowed to drive Brush 51?

Prior to leaving the hall, the driver of Brush 51 will do a check of:

Driving Considerations

Emergency Equipment

Ultra-High Pressure Pump System


Starting and Operating the Pump

Filling the Water Tank

Shutting Down the Pump

What Happens When Done Wrong

The proper order for shutting down the Ultra High Pressure Pump is:

Lower idle lever to slow motor
Spray water to clear all remaining foam from the system
Turn foam (yellow) knob to 0
Squueze nozzle to release remaining pressure in lines
Re-roll the hose
Turn the water (blue) knob to 0
Top off water supply at first opportunity
Remove the exhaust pipe extension when cooled
Turn key to off

Portable Pumps


Davey (Honda powered)

Shindaiwa GP450 pumps

Shindaiwa GP3410

Portable Tank (Pumpkin)

Supply Tubs

When tasked with setting up a portable pump water supply, what needs to be taken off the truck?

Hand Tools, Back-pack Pumps, and Other equipment


Hand Tools

Backpack Pump

Hoses and Appliances

First Aid Kit and Rehab Products


Match the item to the storage compartment or location

–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
First Aid Kit
Behind rear seat on driver's side
Front upper drivers side
Shindaiwa GP450 pumps
Rear upper drivers side
Spare forestry hose and packs
Upper passenger side
Spare caps, wye's, nozzles
Tray on deck
Lower passenger side
Small tool kit
Rear lower drivers side.