Don't grow up it's a trap

By Jonah Lake

Inhoud zonder titel

I'm like the kid on the moon or peter pan
Flying so high because I can
As I grew up, I was not told life would be like this

They are running away from what is real
Life is like music but they don't listen
Taken by the blues and they don't hear a sound

Don't grow up it´s a trap

Why should we stop playing if we are having fun
A smile upon our faces when the days I done
Kiss the world goodnight and start all over again

When I was a child life was more than living
Living everyday to the maximum
Now freedom is a mission I try to follow through

Don't grow up it's a trap

Do not be fooled by their stories,
keep on being who you are
Once you are like them there is no turning back

Speak because you can, sing because you want to
Love because you love and do what's right
Like a fire in the night, we can burn so beautiful


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Is Peter Pan...