OneCMS Demo - Day 1

Let’s Navigate, Access, and log into CMS

Attendee Sign-on Sheet - Before we watch our first video, let's make sure everyone has their sign-on sheet. It should look like this:

Name: Casey Walsh


Title: District Leader


Center Name: ___________________


Center Number: _________________




Training Environment Information: Casey Walsh

Your Information

Center Number


Center Name

Alexandria KinderCare

Center Zip Code


Family Connection Email and Password

Parent Portal Email: [email protected]

Parent Portal Password: password

CMS Login and Password

Center Director: CDTraining2

Password: welcome123

Test Family information

Parent Name: Inclass Inclass

Student Names: _______________________







Training Environment Information



Family Builder Mockup

Family Connection

CMS Training Environment






Video - Navigate, Access and Log into CMS (PG Slides 14-23)

What is the difference between a CD and DL view in CMS?

  • There isn't one
  • CD's can only see his/her center, whereas DL's can look across all centers in his/her district
  • DLs have a blue screen, whereas CDs have a green screen
  • DL have access to all centers in the region, whereas CDs can only access centers within his/her district

Which item in the navigation bar would you click if you wanted to view the Student Account tab?

  • Parent Info
  • Student
  • System Reports
  • Account Info

The "?" question

  • The purpose of the “?” in the upper right of the CMS screen is for you to log questions for the you OneCMS Support team

Now that we've had a first look...Let's make sure everyone is logged on.


A game for champions