Trial test

The following test is to make an assessment on the total knowledge each aspirant has regarding the following campaign...

Answer with only one of the multiple possible selections available

How do we log in konnektive?

  • Google it bro
  • Dunno lol :P
  • Log in the web page. Using the user name and password provided by the sales coach
  • Socialism


  • Is it me you're looking for?
  • I can see it in your eyes
  • I can see it in your smile
  • Mamma mia

I wanna love you

  • And treat you right
  • Every day and every night
  • We'll build a shelter

Answer the following question using only one of the multiple selection answers

What does Marcelus Wallace look like?

  • What?
  • Whh...What?!
  • He's black
  • He's bald