Diesl Inc. Training (copy)

This course will provide an introduction to the Aerial Lift component of the Equipment Rental Industry as a whole, and explain how Diesl fills a common need to both small and large construction companies.

Diesl Equipment Inc. Corporate Philosophy (copy)

Construction and Technology

Construction in the New Millennium 

Construction, by nature, is a hands-on industry. It's a business that grows the world around it, but tends to change very slowly itself. Good quality work and craftsmanship are timeless, but with rapid advances in both specialized equipment and communication being made everyday, modern technology becomes increasingly interconnected with Construction.


Approximately 85,000 construction workers, or 21% of the current labour force, are expected to retire over the next 10 years. At the same time, the province’s construction labour force will need to grow by approximately 23,000 workers to meet the demands created by increased construction activity. As a result, Ontario will need to attract about 110,000 new construction workers by providing opportunities for young workers or newcomers.

Now, of course there a dozens of home renovation shows, real estate shows and Youtube tutorials on every subject imaginable, all focused on "experts " giving away what used to be industry secrets!

A Turning Tide

There are several ways that the Construction Industry has embraced the benefits of our current connected world.

  • Smart Phones
    • It might seem obvious, but having a smart phone means that a contractor can keep on top of issues on site, connect with suppliers, clients and trades 24/7, meaning that most contractors are never far from their phones!
  • Sourcing labour through the Internet
    • Skilled or unskilled workers can be found quickly for no cost using Craigslist
  • Modern Equipment
    • X-ray scanning  for hidden wires and obstacles concrete saves time in excavation and money in repairs
  • Online Presence 
    • In a time where many people turn to Yelp or Google to find a Contractor, being easy to find online is crucial to a business's success

Where does Diesl fit in?

We can see that Construction already takes advantage of both

  1. Modern Equipment
  2. Modern Communication

Diesl Equipment Services Inc. aims to combine these existing trends into a modern method of renting heavy equipment.

Our Goal:

To create an e-commerce sharing platform for renting idle aerial equipment between small business owners.  

Our Concept:

  • Facilitate an open market where owners increase their income on their own terms by setting their own prices and availability
  • Provide local, insured Aerial lifts at affordable prices
  • Create a simple, user-oriented, peer-reviewed community that benefits both owners and renters
  • Allow users to to list and browse for free!

What makes Diesl different?

There are a couple competitors to Diesl that offer similar services to Diesl

Diesl wants to set ourselves apart from these businesses in several ways:

  1. We dont take any fees on rentals, both Dozr and Anyquip charge the equipment owner and renter 10% of rental cost.
    • Diesl does take a small payment processing fee is charged to accommodate smooth online payments.This fee is 5% and only charged to renters.
      • Rental fees= additional 10% fees charged on the rental cost  by competitors Dozr and Anyquip
      • Processing Fee= Fee charged to ensure a secure online transaction. Diesl charges a 5% processing fee

2. We offer instant sign-up and account creation, no waiting period to be verified

3. We offer a simple, user friendly platform that handles all payments automatically. No cheques!

4. most importantly, we are, fun, fresh and hip ! Take a look at our first commercial

The Benefits of Specialization

"Nowhere has specialization penetrated so deeply into the building professions as North America."

- Arthur Erickson, Canadian Architect

Benefits of a Niche Strategy

By beginning Diesl as a specialized equipment service focusing on Aerial Lifts in Ontario, rather than all heavy equipment across Canada. We stand to benefit in several ways:

  1. Address logistical problems on a small scale
  2. Refine a strategy that can be adapted to other types of Equipment
  3. Meet our customers needs exactly with expert knowledge, creating a satisfied client base to expand on.


  • Aerial Equipment is durable by design
  • Used in low impact situations
  • Minimal repair and Maintenance

Why Aerial Lifts?

Dominant Market Share

  • 36% or total equipment rentals
  • Used in Multiple industries

Aerial Lifts Pay for Themselves

  • For Renters
    • Helps contractors complete work faster and safer, for less than market price
  • For Owners:
    • High Demand turns expensive idle equipment into cashflow


Important Notes to Remember about Working with Aerial Work Platforms

  • Proper certification and training is required
  • Proper Insuraunce is required
  • Assess any fall hazards before using an aerial work platform.
  • Keep your upper body inside of the work platform.
  • The guardrails, ladders, or other devices that extend your work position off of the work platform are not permitted.
  • Only use approved anchor points when tying off. Some manufacturers of aerial work platforms provide anchor points in the aerial lift. Check to see if the manufacturer of your aerial work platform provides approved anchor points that can withstand the forces of a fall event.
  • Assess if swing fall is possible before connecting to an anchor point.
  • Use the shortest lanyard possible that still allows you to complete the project.
  • Do not exceed the manufacturer’s rated capacity for horizontal forces.

Why Aerial Lifts? (copy)

Aerial Lifts and The Painting Industry

Why is Diesl's launch Audience the Painting Industry?

  • Aerial lift equipment is already an important part of many painting contractor's businesses
  • Painting with aerial equipment provides direct benefits to painting contractors
    • Jobs are done in up 50% less time
    • Quality of work improves in hard to reach areas
  • Painters are often younger and more open to using new technology
  • There are roughly 20,000 Painting contractors in Canada! A huge market

Painting With Ladders           

  • Hard to reach tight/difficult spaces
  • Unsafe!
    • Most injuries and deaths in the work place a result of falls
  • Inefficient, takes time to move ladder after each section is painted
  • Can only hold one person and limited equipment

Painting with Lifts

  • Large height range and horizontal range for reaching every difficult spot
  • Safer to use
    • larger platform
    • harnesses required
    • Safety training required
  • Saves time by by moving lift instead of ladder along work space
  • Can hold multiple people and equipment

Aerial Equipment Guide (copy)

Types of Aerial Equipment on Diesl

Aerial Equipment and Beyond...

Although there are dozens of types of aerial equipment, Diesl has defined 5 Categories to help users list and find equipment easily.

One day very soon ,Diesl will allow users to post any type of heavy equipment they own, but for now our focus remains on Aerial Lift Equipment.

When looking at renting an aerial lift, there are four critical factors that the user should now to determine what lift they need:

  1. What is your working height?
    • This is arguably the most important factor when choosing a lift
    • Generally, the larger the height range, the more expensive the lift
  2. What is your weight capacity?
  3. What is your horizontal reach?
  4. Are you working indoors or outdoors?

The answers to those questions will help you determine the type of aerial lift the user will need.

5 Categories of Aerial Lift Equipment on Diesl

There are currently 5 Equipment Categories available for listing and renting on Diesl:

1.Scissor Lifts (includes Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts)

2.Telescopic/Articulating Boom Lifts

3.Articulating Boom Lift

4.Telescoping Boom Lift

5.Handlers/Forklifts (includes Man Lifts, One Man Lifts, Forklifts and Handlers

Category 1: Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lift

  • Scissor lifts are hydraulic powered platforms that go up and down with no horizontal reach. They can reach up to 50 feet, although 20 to 30 feet is most common.
  • Scissor lifts have a distinctive "criss-cross" lifting mechansim
  •  A key benefit to a scissor lift over other aerial lift types is that it elevates a larger workspace and can lift much heavier weights than lifts equipped with buckets.
  • They are used in the construction industry with additional uses in building maintenance, agriculture, and some interior warehouses. 
  • Rough terrain scissor lifts have larger tires and are meant to be driven and operated outdoors.
  • Scissor lifts have NO horizontal range
  • Rental prices will range from $100-$250 dollars a day, depending on the model.

General Terminology: Boom Lifts

  • Boom lift is a GENERAL TERM:
  • Just Like there are many types of animals that fall under the category of "Cat": a lion,lynx, house cat or panther, the term "Boom Lift" refers to a wide variety of lift equipment.
  • Boom lifts are the most versatile of all aerial lifts. Boom lifts can reach up, down, frontwards, backwards, sideways, and up and over, depending on the type
  • There are 3 types of Boom lift on the Diesl Platform
    • Telescopic
    • Articulating
    • Telescopic/Articulating

Category 2-Telescopic Lifts

Boom Lifts-Telescopic

  • The selling point of a telescopic boom lift is its horizontal reach.
  •  With a horizontal reach from just a few feet to 80 feet, they can stretch to those areas with constricted or limited access, especially in construction or industrial areas.

Category 3- Articulating Lifts

Boom Lifts-Articulating

  • The articulating boom lift can extend the boom and once extended, can also move from side to side. 
  • With a bucket attachment, personnel can stay elevated and move from project to project without moving the base.
  • Saves time in lowering and raising the boom, as well setting up several different times while moving down a line.
  • Have "up and over" capability
  • Up and Over= Capability to reach over an obsatcle

Articulating lifts-Trailer Mounted

  • Trailer mounted booms are the most mobile of the boom lifts as they can be towed behind a pickup truck, SUV or work van.
  •  The controls are simple and intuitive while offering multiple uses.
  •  The boom (also known as a “Z boom”) is jointed and can reach up and over at the same time when extended. 
  • The compact design and light weight make it a perfect choice for jobs where your personnel need to attain height but are concerned about damaging the surface on which the boom rests, like a lawn or floor.

Articulating Lifts-Vehicle Mounted Cherry Picker

  • Otherwise known as a self-propelled cherry picker, the vehicle mounted cherry picker can attain platform heights exceeding 80 feet.
  •  Cherry pickers were developed for agriculture so that personnel could pick the high hanging fruit, hence the name. 
  • They have been adapted for a wide range of uses, both internal and external, beyond growers to construction, industrial and commercial uses.
  •  They can be used as a static base and many models come up with legs to increase stability for higher heights if necessary.
  • The cherry picker rental price range is anywher from $200-800$ a day, depending on the model.

Category 4: Telescopic/Articulating Lifts

Boom Lifts -Telescopic and Articulating

  • Most articulating( jointed) lifts, have some telescopic range (up and down ), but its only a few feet of range in the top section beneath the platform . 
  • There are some lifts that have articulations and a large telescopic range of several meters, these were categorized separately on manufacturing websites. 
  • The Telescopic /Articulating lifts are less common, but they do exist as a distinct type of lift with specific functionality of large height range AND up and over capability
  • If you or a user is confused or unsure, Telescopic/articulating lifts could be categorized as simply "Articulating Lifts" 

Category 5: Handlers/Forklifts (includes Man Lifts/Personnel Lifts, , Forklifts and Handlers

Manlift/Personnel Lift

  • A personnel lift is a compact push-able or towable lift used indoors for maintenance purposes for institutions like churches, hospitals, and schools or internal construction work.
  •  Not much larger in width or length than the average pallet, it is equipped with a single person platform with guard rails for safety. 
  • The control box is in the platform with the operator who can raise and lower themselves as needed once it is set up.


  • telescopic handler or telehandler is a versatile type of mobile lifting plant incorporating a. telescopic boom fitted with a lifting attachment.
  •  The most common means of lifting is by forks
  •  Telehandlers can be fitted with a variety of attachments for different types of loads
  • Telehandlers can move large loads of materials
  • Most commonly used in warehouses and agriculture


  • forklift (also called lift truck, fork truck, fork hoist, and forklift truck) is a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials over short distances.
  • Most commonly used in warehouses 

Category Guide

Diesl has a Category Guide in the websites's "Help" section that compares the 5 categories of lift and their functions side by side. The guide is designed to help users 

  • Find the right lift for their needs,
  • Determine which category best suits their lift if they need to make a listing for their own equipment
  • Consult this guide to help your understanding of Diesl equipment categories.

Diesl.co Platform Training (copy)

Account Management


  1. In order for someone to List their equipment, or Rent equipment they must first Sign-Up and create a Diesl account.
  2. Before a user signs up for Diesl.co, they must be informed of the following user requirements in the Terms and Conditions:
    • Owner Requirements
      • Renters Insurance for their Equipment
      • A Valid HST/GST number
      • Ontario Bank Account
    • Renter Requirements
      • A valid credit card
      • Appropriate and up to date training and certification (This is the Renter's responsibility)
      • Adequate Rental insurance coverage, if needed (This is the Renter's responsibility)

  • The Sign Up button is located at the top-right hand corner of the toolbar

  • The user must fill out the listed fields to create their account
    • Please note that all fields are mandatory, except for company name
    • Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters

  • After signing up, the user will receive a confirmation email at the email address provided
  • Important** All emails to users will be sent using the address [email protected] , if a user has not received a confirmation encourage them to check their spam folder AND add [email protected] to their address books

  • After the user clicks the “Confirm your Email” button, they will be taken to the Diesl.co home page and will be automatically logged in

  • Once logged in,the user will also receive a “welcome email” from Diesl.co that contains helpful information about the Platform

  • If the user has did not receive their confirmation email, they have the following options
    •  Check their Spam or junk folder, the email may have been sent there. If it has, ask the user to mark the email as not spam or Junk
    • If the email was sent to a Junk/Spam folder, request that the user add the email [email protected] to their address book in order to receive important emails from Diesl.co
    • On the Log- in page, the user may select the button “Didn’t receive confirmation instructions?”

Clicking this link will direct them to the page below, where they may re-enter the email they used to sign-up, and the confirmation link will be emailed to them again.

Forgot Password

  • If a user attempts to log in and forgets their password, they will be shown the Error message at the top left of the screen circled in blue :“invalid email address or password”
  • The user must click the link highlighted in yellow “Forgot Username or Password” to reset their password

  • The field circled in Blue will appear on the screen
  • The user must enter the email address they used to sign up for their Diesl account in the “Email” field
  • They must click the “Request new password button” to receive an email which contains password reset instructions

  • If the email was entered correctly, the Error message at the top of the screen will now read “Instructions to change your password were sent to your email”

  • When the Password Reset Email has been received, the user must click the “Reset my password “button in the email

  • They will be taken to the following Page on the Diesl.co Platform
  • The user will enter their new password in the “New Password Field”, and then re-enter it in the “Confirm New Password field” If the passwords don’t match the new password will not be updated.
  • Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters
  • The user must click the “Save Password” button circled in blue as the final step in updating their password

  • The user will be automatically logged in to the platform and the message in grey at the top of the screen will now read “Your password was changed successfully. You are now logged in”

Edit Profile Info

  • When a user is logged in the tool bar on the top of the page will show their name in the top right corner of the screen

  • The user can access a dropdown menu by clicking the arrow to the right of their name
  • To edit the user’s profile, click the yellow highlighted button “Settings”

  • After clicking The “Settings” button the user will automatically directed to the “Profile Info” section

Profile Info

  • Where a user can edit their basic account information
  • Change/Add  a Company Name
  • Change/ Add an Equipment Location
    • For Owners to let Renters know where they will have to arrange pick-up/drop-off or delivery  of the equipment
    • Does not have to be an exact address, a postal code or city or neighborhood is sufficient
    • This location will be used as the default, but can also be changed with each unique listing
  • Change/ Add a Delivery Location
    • For Renters to let Owners know where they will have to arrange pick-up/drop-off or delivery  of the equipment
    • Does not have to be an exact address, a postal code or city or neighborhood is sufficient
    • This location will be used as the default, but can be changed with each unique rental transaction
  • Add/Change Phone number- Phone numbers are mandatory! Without a phone number, the users will have trouble coordinating pick-up / drop-off
    • The number will not be listed on the user’s public profile
    • The number will only be given to the renter/ owner after both parties have accepted a rental transaction
  • Change/Add a profile picture
    • Encourage users to put their picture on their profile to build a sense of trust in the Diesl community

Change Password

  • To change their password, a user must go to the “Settings” Section by clicking the small arrow to the right of their name in the top right corner of their Screen
  • On the left of the screen there is another menu, Select “Account”

  • In the password section, the user will see an orange link next to their hidden password, Press the “Change” link.

  • The user will enter their new password in the “New Password Field”, and then re-enter it in the “Confirm New Password field” If the passwords don’t match the new password will not be updated.
  • Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters
  • The user must click the orange “Save ” button as the final step in updating their password

  • A message in a grey box at the top of the screen will now read “Information updated” confirming the password has been updated.

  • The user will automatically recieve an email confirming their password has been changed.

Delete Account

  • To delete an account, a user must go to the “Settings” Section by clicking the small arrow to the right of their name in the top right corner of their Screen
  • On the left of the screen there is another menu, Select “Account”

  • Scroll down to the last section of the page to the grey box titled "Delete Account"

  • The user should be made aware of all the information listed within the grey box, which is the following:

"Delete Account

If you would like to delete your account and your personal information (name, phone number, address, email, profile picture, etc.) permanently, please contact our support line at +1 (855) 333 - 0343 or email [email protected].

Please note that any of your information where other Diesl members were involved (transactions you've made, reviews you've given to others, etc.) cannot be removed when you delete your account".

  • Account deletion is PERMANENT, there is no option to recover an account.

Add or Change HST/GST Number

  • To list equipment it is mandatory that all Equipment owners have a valid HST/GST number
  • *The HST/GST number can also be adding during the Listing process, it does not have to be added ahead of time
  • To add or change a HST/GST, a user must go to the “Settings” Section by clicking the small arrow to the right of their name in the top right corner of their Screen

  • On the left of the screen there is another menu, Select “HST/GST “

  • The user should write their 9 digit GST number in the “Add HST/GST” Field”
  • Press the orange “Save” button to save the HST/GST number
  • The platform will not accept invalid or incomplete HST/GST numbers

Add or Change Payment Setting

  • To add or change payment settings, a user must go to the “Settings” Section by clicking the small arrow to the right of their name in the top right corner of their Screen

  • On the left of the screen there is another menu, Select “Payments”
  • The user must fill out ALL of the fields.
  • Only bank accounts from Canada will be accepted
  • Only addresses in Ontario will be accepted
  • Press the orange “Save” button to update payment information

  • An email will automatically  be sent to when users add, and change their payment settings

Listing Process

Category Guide

  • Diesl has 5 categories of aerial lift equipment
    • Telescopic Boom Lifts
    • Telescopic/Articulating Lifts
    • Handlers/Forklifts/Manlifts
    • Articulating Boom Lifts
    • Scissor Lifts
  • If users don’t know which category their lift belongs in, Diesl has a Category Guide for guidance

  • The Guide can be found under the "Help" section in the top right of the toolbar on top the screen
  • Or in the footer at the bottom of every page

  • When you click any of these buttons, you will be directed to this page 
  • If the user still is not sure under what category to list their equipment, use your judgment to put it under the most relevant category.
    • Ex, user has a boom lift with one knuckle (articulation) but is not sure if it is Articulated AND Telscopic
    • Put the lift under Articulated lifts because you know that it is articulated

Creating a Listing

  • The user can create a listing by clicking the "+ List Equipment"  button at the top of every page
  • A user can also list equipment by clicking the arrow beside their profile icon on the top right of every page, and selecting "List your Equipment' from the drop-down menu
  • Or at the footer of every page, the is an orange "List your Equipment' link

  • If the user has not added their Account information yet, they will be taken to this page
  • Refer to the previous "Add GST' and "Payment Settings" section for detailed instructions

  • If the User has already added their Payment information, they will be taken to this page
  • The user Must select the category that BEST suits their equipment, for more information on how to properly list equipment under the right category, see the "Category Guide" section.

  • Once the category has been selected, the user will be taken to this page
  • All fields must be filled out by the user
  • If the user is unable to find their specific piece of equipment in the dropdown menu selections, contact the Diesl admin and advise the user to find the most similar model in the meantime

Suggested Rates

  • Diesl suggest that owners list their equipment at 20% -40 % less than traditional rental rates
    • Ex United Rentals
  • To find a more detailed explanation of suggested rates, go to the "Help Page" and consult the "Tips and Tricks" section 

  • Shipping Available
    • Checking this field indicates that the owner will be able to transport the equipment, if and how much the owner wants to charge for this service is up to them
    • The explanatory text for the users reads:
      • "If you have the ability to ship or drop off the equipment to the renter please indicate YES. Owners and renters are responsible for pick up and drop off. After you accept a rental request, you can coordinate and negotiate the details with the renter."
  • Secondary Contact
    • If someone will be helping you manage the listing, or the pick-up/ delivery and handover of the equipment, the user should add their contact information.
    • This information will not be public, and will only be shared with the renter after the owner has accepted their rental request.

Booking Calendar

  • Select your Equipment Availability- Start Date and End Date
  • Select the first day the equipment will be available, and the last day. You can always edit this information in the future.
  • If there are a few random days during the selected availability range that your equipment won’t actually be available for rental, that’s ok! Refer to the” Manage activity “ “Block Specific Dates” to learn how to block out specific days within the Booking Calendar availability range

Detailed Description

  • The description should renters know a bit about the machine, including
    •  Its usage
    • Date Purchased
    • Any instructions of care
    • Any special instructions for pick-up/delivery/ Transportation

Location vs Neighborhood Address

  • All equipment must be located in Ontario, Canada. Diesl will be expanding its service areas in the future
  • The “Equipment Location” refers to the ACTUAL, PRECISE address of the equipment. This address will not be available to the public, and will only be given to the renter after the owner has accepted the Rental Request
  • The “Neighborhood Address” refers to the general area / neighborhood the equipment is located. This vague location will be shown publically on the listing.
  • You can change the ‘Neighborhood location” by moving the orange marker around the map
  • Only addresses in Ontario will be accepted

Photo Upload

  • We require that users upload at least 1 photo of their equipment to help build a sense of trust in the community. The more pictures the better!
  •  Users can upload as many pictures as the like by clicking the grey squares and selecting the files on their computer or phone

Confirming Your Equipment

  • By Checking the box next to “I confirm that the equipment is working and in good condition” button, a user is acknowledging Diesl’s Terms and Conditions, that state:
    • Equipment must be clean
    • In good working order
    • Properly Insured
  • Once the user clicks the orange “Save” button the listing will be active and visible on the Diesl website instantly!

  • The owner will automatically receive an email confirming their listing has been added to Diesl.co

Viewing a Listing page

  • An owner can view their listings by clicking the arrow to the right of their name on the top right of any page, and selecting “Manage Your Activity"
  • The user will be taken to the “My listings” section of their activity dashboard

  • The user can view their listing by clicking on the listing name, or picture

  • A Listing page looks like this to the public:

When the owner views their own listing, the booking calendar is replaced with 3 links:

  • Edit listing- user can edit listing name, address, model etc.
  • Block Individual dates- user can block out specific dates within their general availability
  •  Close listing

Editing a Listing

  • An owner can view their listings by clicking the arrow to the right of their name on the top right of any page, and selecting “Manage Your Activity"
  • The user will be taken to the “My listings” section of their activity dashboard

The user can edit their listing by selecting the yellow highlighted “Edit Listing” link on the right of the listing preview

  • The owner will then be taken to the listing editing page they filled out when they first created the listing, and can edit any of the fields they choose, for more information see Listing Process--> Listing Creation

  • Or the owner can view their listing page and edit using the circled 3 links

Edit Listing Information

  • When viewing their listing page,  the user clicks on the orange “Edit Listing” link

  • The owner will then be taken to the listing editing page they filled out when they first created the listing, and can edit any of the fields they choose, for more information see Listing Process--> Listing Creation

Block Specific Dates

  • PLEASE NOTE When you’re on the listing page and you click the “Edit listing availability” it is a slightly different feature than editing your general availability.
  • General Availability= the date range of when your equipment is available ex. March 2107 to March 2018, See Listing Process --> Booking Calendar
  • Block/Change Availability= mark certain dates WITHIN your current availability as blocked off. Equipment will not be available for rental on selected days.

  • To Block Dates/ Change Availability the owner must click on orange “Edit Listing Availability”link  on the listing page

  • A calendar will pop-up on the right side of the screen
  • In this calendar
    • Grey= Unavailable or Blocked
    • White= Available for rental

  • To block specific dates, select them on the calendar, they will change to grey
  •  For example, if I want to use my lift on March 30th for my own reasons, and not have it available for rental,I would click on the 30th, and click the green “Save and Close” button

  • Now, if a renter wants to book the listing on the 24th, they will find that the equipment is unavailable for that specific date

Close/Deactivate a Listing

  • To close a listing = turn off the listing, make it in active/unavailable and not appear in searches.
  • *PLEASE NOTE if a listing is closed with current or upcoming rentals already confirmed, an owner is still responsible for providing their equipment for their pre-existing transactions
  •  Owners may close a listing quickly and easily by selecting the orange “Close Listing” link on their listing page

  • To re-open their listing, owners can go to their listing page and simply click the orange “re-open listing” link

  • Clicking this link will take the user to the main listing editing page, where they can confirm/update the listing details and press the orange “Save Listing” button on the bottom of the page to re-open the listing

  • The user will be taken to their listing page and a message in grey on the top left of the screen will confirm the “ listing  updated successfully”

Manage Activity

  • To manage rentals, edit listings and much more, a user must click the arrow to the right of their name on the top right of any page, and select “Manage Your Activity”
  •  The user will be directed to their Activity Dashboard, from where we will explore several features over the next few sections

My Listings

Click the highlighted subheadings to view the relative listing information

  • Active- Listings currently available of rental, a user can edit listing staus with by clicking the orange “Edit Listing” link on the right of the listing preview
  • Inactive- Listings currently not available for rental, a user can edit listing status  with by clicking the orange “Edit Listing” link on the right of the listing preview
  • IMPORTANT** The orange button beside the "active listing" title is NOT A FUNCTIONAL BUTTON, the user must click the "Edit Listing " link and activate/ deactivate the listing from the actual listing page

Rented From Me

Click the highlighted subheadings to view the relative information about an owners rental transactions

  • Current- Equipment that currently on rent
  • Upcoming- future rentals
  • Past-records for past rentals that have been marked as complete.

  • Important information about an owners rental transactions can be found on the page
  • The Start/End date of the Rental
  • The total cost of the rental
  •  Message the renter to coordinate logistics by clicking the “Contact  Renter’ link 
    •  note that this link is only available for current and upcoming Rental transactions, once a rental transaction is complete the owner and renter can no longer message each other.

  • Transaction ID
  • The highlighted transaction Id is a unique identifier for every rental transaction that acts as a invoice number and is used by  Diesl admin to find and sort transactions for potential disputes, and refunds.

Rented by Me

Click the highlighted subheadings to view the detailed information about user's transactions as a renter

  • Current- Equipment that  the user is actively renting
  • Upcoming- future rental transactions
  • Past- Rental transactions marked as complete

My Community

Where you can view the users who are following you, or whom you are following

  • To follow a user click on the Orange Follow button beneath their Profile icon anywhere on the website
  • To unfollow a user, click one the orange “following” button beneath their name, it will turn grey when the cursor is covering over it and read “Unfollow”
  • Following- number of users you follow
  • Followers- users who follow you

  • Users will automatically recive an email when someone they follow posts a new listing

Saved Equipment

  • A user can add a listing to their “Favorites’ to easily find it for future rentals
  •  To “Favorite” a listing select the highlighted book mark Icon that says “Save” beneath it located on the listing page

  • Or you may click the book mark icon below the Picture of the equipment in a listing preview

  • The Book mark will now be a solid orange on all saved listings
  • Favoured  equipment (Favourites) can be unsaved by clicking the Bookmark button on the listing

  • Recently Viewed- the last 5 listing pages the user has viewed

  • Users will automatically receive an email when someone has added their listings to 'Favourites"

Profile Information/ Public Profile

The Orange box to the right of the page circled in blue shows you a basic overview of a user’s Diesl.co account details.

  • The "Total Earnings since joining Diesl" box shows a running total of an owner's profits for all listings
  • The orange “Edit Profile” button will take you to your profile page to edit your name, location, profile picture contact info etc Refer to Account Management section--> Edit Profile 

Public Profile

  • Click the yellow highlighted “View your public profile” link to view the public version of your profile that all Diesl users have access to

  • Any Diesl user, or person using the Diesl website without an account, can see the following information about your Diesl account
    • Your profile Description
    •  Your active listings and Their availability
    • Who you are following
    • Which users are following you
    • Every review written about Rental transactions for both Owners and Renters

  • An active profile page as viewed by the public.

Rental Process

Searching and Browsing

  • In order for someone to rent equipment they must have a Diesl account and  a valid credit card
  • The search bar is located on the home screen
  • The Diesl search engine will search and retrieve based on every word typed in the search bar
    • Ex.  Typing “Telescoping lifts “ into the search bar will also retrieve “Telescoping/Articulating lifts”

Search Views

  • The default Search results page will show all search results as orange location markers on a map in a “Map View”
  • When listings are grouped close together, they will appear as a blue dot with the number of listings in the group, to see the listings as seperate, you must zoom in on the map.

  • Click on The orange location markers to view more detail about the listing
  • Click anywhere on the Grey box to be taken to the listing page

  • Clicking the highlighted “Grid View” will show the most amount of listings per page in a grid pattern

  • Clicking the highlighted “List View” will show a list of  listings with more detail.

  • Click on any of the highlighted areas: the “Read More” link , listing photo, or listing name to be taken to the listing Page

Filters and Sorting

  • Sort listings by price from either High to Low , or Low to High by selecting the “Sort by Price”  at the top right of the search results page

  • View Lifts according to Category by clicking any of the the Category links shown highlighted on the left of the search results page

  • The orange number in brackets to the right of the Category name indicates how many listings the search returned of each type of equipment

  • The Filters section is located at the bottom left of the search results page

  • Availability: Select the desired start and end dates of your rental on the booking calendar to only show equipment available during that time

  • Shipping Available-:Check this box if you would only like to see listings where the owner has indicated on their listing that they can ship/deliver the equipment. 

*PLEASE NOTE that in the future, Deisl.co will be offering shipping quotes as part of its check-out process.

Check In/Check Out Times

Start of Rental

  • On the first day of the rental transaction, Diesl suggests that the equipment should be made available to the renter (in good working order)for pick-up or drop-off, as early as possible , and no later than 9 am EST

End of Rental

 On the last day of the rental transaction, Diesl suggests the equipment be returned to the owner in good working order no later than 5pm EST

Rental Requests

  • Rental requests are made by the user selecting their desired dates on the booking calendar located on the top right of the listing page. Dates that are shaded grey are unavailable.

  • Once the dates have been selected, click the orange “Request Booking” button to officially send the owner a request for the selected dates.

  • The user will be taken to a page that shows a summary of the transaction details, including a full price breakdown

  • The renter must enter a valid credit card that will be used for this transaction
  • Once the user clicks the “Confirm Payment” button, they cannot cancel the transaction. They will not be charged until 24 hours before the first day of the rental transaction. Diesl payment is securely processed by Stripe. Diesl does not store your credit/debit card information.
  • You will be charged only if the owner accepts the transaction. The owner needs to accept the transaction within 24 hours. If the owner declines or does not respond, no charge is made.

  • You will be taken to this page once the payment has been authorized request has been sent

  • The owner will receive the following rental request email imediately

  • The owner will receive 2 reminder emails to accept the request
  • The first reminder is sent 6 hours after the request was made
  • The second reminder is sent 18 hours after the request was made

  • The owner will receive an email confirming the request has expired if they don’t respond within 24 hours

  • The renter will receive a rejection email if the request was not accepted within the 24 time period

  • The renter  will receive a detailed confirmation email when the rental has been accepted

  • The owner will also receive a confirmation email after they accept the rental request

Renter and Owner Responsibilities

  • Diesl is not responsible, for transport, damage or injury that may occur during a rental transaction. Renters and Owners have the following responsibilities for every transaction
  •  The following information is found on the “How it Works” page located at the top right of every page, and in the footer of every page

  • The "How it Works" page contains crucial information about the Diesl process for all users.
  • Call Centre Staff should know all renter and owner responsibilities for every step of the rental process
  • Users can click the highlighted links at the top of the page to jump to sections.

  • The owner and renter will automatically recieve a reminder email that a rental transaction is almost complete 24 hours before the last day of the rental


  • Diesl users may only message each other from the moment the transaction is accepted by the owner, to the moment the transaction is marked as complete, 24 hours after the last day of the rental.
  • The owners and renters contact information will be given in the Confirmation email sent to both parties after the owner accepts the request.
  • The user’s inbox will automatically open a messaging thread once the rental request has been accepted

  • A users inbox can be accessed by selecting the grey envelope located on the toolbar at the top of every page

  • When a new message is received, an number will appear in orange showing how many unread messages are in the user’s inbox

  • The user inbox page shows all the transactions and their respective messaging threads a user has ever made, even rejected or expired requests

  • The message preview includes the following rental transaction details as read from  from left to right
    • Renter or owner name
    • Time the last message was sent
    • Listing Name
    • Rental Transaction Price total
    • A preview of the message contents
    • The next step pending in the rental process

  • Un-read messages will show as Bold Text
  • Click on the message text to open a messaging thread between you and another user, or to view past messages

  • The thread will show the rental transaction details on the left
    • Complete price breakdown
      • Including HST and Diesl Processing Fee
      • Please Note: Only the renter is charged the Diesl processing fee
    • Listing name
    • Rental Dates
    • Transaction ID

  • The entire messaging history  can be viewed by scrolling up and down using the grey arrow to the right of the message thread or a mouse wheel

  • To send a message, type text in the white box the says “type your message here”

  • Press the orange “Send’ button to send the message to the other user

  • Both users will receive an email every time a new message is received in their Diesl inbox

Ratings and Reviews

  • The Diesl community is regulated by ratings and reviews. Both owner and Renter rate The transaction as an overall experience. This helps in the following ways:
    • Adds consequences for unreliable owners/renters
    • Encourages accountability
    • Provides a sense of community
    • Builds trust in the platform
  • Ratings and reviews are open from 24 hours after the last day of the rental (when the transaction is complete and payment has been released to the owner) to 2 weeks after the last day of rental 

What does "Autocomplete" mean?

  •  "Autocomplete" is when a rental transaction is automatically marked as complete in the Diesl pltaform 24 hours after the last day of the rental.

Why wait 24 hours after the last day of the rental?

  • The 24 hours after the last day of the rental is the Inspection Period.
  • This Inspection period gives the  renter time to coordinate drop-off of the equipment and  gives the owner time to inspect the equipment for damage

  • After a transaction is complete, both renter and owner will receive the above email encouraging them to rate each other
  • Clicking the orange "Rate Your Experience" button will take the user directly to the ratings and review page

  • If the user does not give a rating, a second email will be sent to them 48 hours after the first reminder

  • If the user STILL has not given a rating a third and final email will be sent to the user 12 days after the rental has been autocompleted

  • If the user does not follow the link in the emails, they can also rate and review transactions by going to their inbox  located on the top right of the toolbar

  • The user will be taken to their main inbox, and will click the corresponding messaging thread of the transaction they want to rate
  • The status of the transaction on the right of the message preview will read “Waiting for your feedback”

  • The user will click the relevant message to view the thread for the completed transaction
  •  The users will no longer be able to message each other, and their previous messages will be replaced by the orange “Give Feedback” button

  • Either from clicking the link in the email, or by going through the Diesl inbox, The user will be taken to this page to complete their review and rating
  • Users will write a review in the grey text box
    • The more descriptive the better! The user is rating the transaction as a whole.
      • the communication
      • the equipment
  • Give a rating out of 5 stars by selecting the number of orange stars below the text box
  • 1 star= Bad, 5 stars= Excellent

  • The feedback submission will be confirmed with a message in a grey bar at the top left o the page, and the user’s inbox for the transaction will now read “ Completed Feedback Given”
  • The messaging thread for the transaction will now be marked as “completed”

  • The owner and renter will receive an email notifying them the transaction has been rated
  • The user can view the review by clicking the orange "View Review" button

  • Reviews will be shown the user’s public profile when clicking “reviews, or scrolling to the bottom of the page
  • And at the bottom of the corresponding Listing page

  • A user’s overall rating that appears on their public profile is an average of all the reviews they have ever received, both as a renter and an owner
  • Ratings and reviews cannot be deleted or altered


  • All equipment owners are required to have their owner equipment insured to sufficiently cover rentals.
  • The majority of existing insurance policies can be easily amended to cover equipment rentals. Encourage users to contact their insurance broker for more information on extending your coverage to include equipment rentals.

 DO NOT advise users on insurance specifics, always advise them to ask their insurance broker


  • All operators must be adequately trained to operate the equipment, including all relevant and up-to -date certifications.
  • Diesl is not liable for any damage to property, equipment or injury that might happen during a rental, or any and all transactions outside of the current services of our platform.
  • The Diesl Terms and Conditions are below,

Pre-Rental Phone Call to Owner

  • 24 hours before the first day of the a confirmed rental transaction, the equipment owner will receive a phone call from the Diesl admin
  • The phone call is to:
    • Confirm the equipment is ready, and in good working order
    • Confirm delivery/pick-up arrangements have been made
    • Allow the owner to ask any questions they might have
    • Hold the owner accountable for their rental, they can’t claim they “forgot” if the receive a reminder call
    • Avoid “no-shows”

First Day of Rental Phone Call to Renter


  • The renter will also receive a phone call from the Diesl admin on the first day of their rental transaction.
  • The phone call is to:
    • Confirm the equipment arrived in good working order
    • Confirm delivery/pick-up arrangements have been made
    • Allow the renter to ask any questions they might have
    • Quickly address any “no-shows”, or any other serious issues
  • Let any potential users know that Diesl provides these 2 calls with every transaction as part of our Customer Service

Payment Process


  • The owner will receive payment a minimum of 7 business days after the rental has been marked as complete
  • Rentals are automatically marked as complete after a 24 inspection period beginning from the last day of the rental
  • HST/GST is applied to all transactions

  • Owners will automatically receive a detailed receipt via email when the transaction is auto-completed (24 hours after the last day of rental)


  • The renter’s credit card will be given at the time of the rental request. The card will be preauthorized for the rental amount at the time of the request
  • 24 hours before the first day of the rental, the renter’s credit card will be CHARGED
  • HST/GST is applied to all transactions
  • Diesl processing fee of 5% is charged on every transactiob

  • Renters will automatically receive a detailed invoice via email  when the transaction is auto-completed (24 hours after the last day of rental)

Diesl Processing Fee

  • A Diesl Processing fee of 5% is charged to the RENTER on every rental transaction.
  • This processing fee is to cover the cost of a secure Transaction provided by Stripe, and does not go to Diesl.
  • This fee cannot be refunded.
  • Diesl does not charge you any rental fees. Payment processing fees apply to Renters to ensure a secure transaction. 


  • Stripe is Diesl.co's secure payment gateway.
  • Diesl does not store any credit card information.
  • By accepting Diesl’s terms and Conditions, users also accept the Stripe Terms and Conditions in order to use the Diesl website.

Accepted Methods

  • Owner- must provide a valid Canadian bank account information
    • Transit Number
    • Institution number
    • Account number
  • Renter- must provide a valid credit card from the following providers:
    •  Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express

Declined Cards

  • If a renter’s credit card is declined or not valid at the time of booking, a rental request will not be sent.
  • If a renters credit card is declined when it is charged 24 hours before the first day of the booking, the transaction will be CANCELLED automatically

  • If a transaction is cancelled, the renter will receive the above email:
  • And the owner will receive the above email

Refund Policies and Disputes

Refund Policy-IMPORTANT

  • Diesl does not issue refunds online or automatically
  • All refunds are manually authorized and processed by the Diesl admin
  • In no circumstances will an equipment owner receive compensation for late, damaged or lost equipment.
  • Equipment Renters may receive refunds. All refund requests are evaluated on a case by case basis
  • PLEASE NOTE: Although Diesl is not liable, for damage, injury or equipment, it is important to remember that Diesl will happily assist owners and rentals with any disputes that may arise.

IMPORTANT: Please read the following refund polices carefully and use the specific wording in the policy in your conversations with potential users

Refund Policy (As Stated on the "How it Works Page on Diesl.co)

The Diesl platform is currently not set up to process refunds online. Diesl may choose to help facilitate refunds to renters if equipment is not functional or the owner fails to coordinate a pick-up or drop-off. Diesl will evaluate every incident on a case-by-case basis and issue a fair refund if applicable and depending on the circumstances. All refunds are at Diesl’s full discretion and will be final and binding.

Submit a valid claim for refund: To submit a valid refund claim request for your transaction, you are required to: 

  • Not have directly or indirectly caused the Issue.
  • Contact us within 24 hours of rental start to document the issue and place a hold on the Owner’s payment.
  • Include your transaction ID, photographs or other evidence of the issue as part of your claim.
  • Be responsive to our requests for additional information and cooperation.
  • Have made reasonable efforts to remedy the circumstances with the Owner prior to making a claim, including messaging your Owner on Diesl to notify them of the issue.(Diesl will verify your transaction details and messages accordingly)


  • A “no show” is when an equipment owner fails to deliver equipment, and does not offer an explanation or warning to the renter.
  • In the event of a "no-show" ,refunds will be issued to renters on a case by case basis (minus the Diesl Processing fee)

Damage on Arrival

  • Owners and Renters are strongly advised on the Diesl website, and through confirmation emails, to take pictures of the state of the equipment before and after the rental
  • This is to help:
    • Ensure the equipment arrived in good working order
    • Determine the timing and party responsible for any damage
  • If the equipment arrived in a condition where it was not functional to a renter, a refund to the renter will be considered on a case by case basis (minus the Diesl processing fee)

Damage During Rental

  • Owners and Renters are strongly advised on the Diesl website, and through confirmation emails, to take pictures of the state of the equipment before and after the rental
  • This is to help:
    • Ensure the equipment arrived in good working order
    • Determine the timing and party responsible for any damage
    • If the equipment is damaged during the rental, the renter should report the incident to the owner and Diesl admin immediately.
    • Diesl requires all equipment to be properly insured.
  •   It is the responsibility of the owner and renter to follow appropriate maintenance procedures
  • It is the responsibility of the owner and renter to have sufficient insurance
  • All damage must be reported Immediately to the owner 

  • When creating a listing the Owner must check a box re-confirming that they are properly insured, so any damage should be covered.

Damage Reported Post-Rental

  • Owners and Renters are strongly advised on the Diesl website, and through confirmation emails, to take pictures of the state of the equipment before and after the rental
  • This is to help:
  • Ensure the equipment arrived in good working order
  • Determine the timing and party responsible for any damage
  • Diesl requires all equipment to be properly insured.
  •  It is the responsibility of the owner and renter to follow appropriate insurance procedures

One more time: Diesl is not liable for any damage caused during a rental!

  • This point is stated clearly in our Terms and Conditions

" We are not responsible for, and will not be held liable for, the acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence of any User or any of its employees, independent contractors, representatives, agents, assigns, carriers, operators, drivers, delivery personnel or other suppliers for any personal injuries, death, property damage, loss, theft or other damages or expenses resulting therefrom."


  • It is currently NOT possible for users to cancel a rental transaction once the transaction has been accepted by the owner through the website
  • Cancellations are handled manually by the Diesl admin
  • The only time a transaction will be cancelled automatically is when the renter’s credit is declined at the time it is charged (24 hours before the first day of the rental)

Cancellation Policy (As stated on the Diesl.co "Help Centre" section, on the FAQ page) 

Currently, the Diesl platform doesn’t allow you to cancel a rental online. Please review our Cancellation Guidelines for renters and owners before you request a cancellation.

Equipment Renters:

Cancellations are discouraged as they impact owners’ plans and impact confidence in the Diesl community, however, we understand that sometimes your needs change.

In the event of a cancellation, your refund amount is determined by how close to your rental start date you are at the time of your cancellation request. For example, if you cancel up to 1 week prior to rental start, you will get a full refund (less processing fees). If you cancel within 2 business days before rental start, we refund 50% (less processing fees). You will be charged the full rental rate, if you cancel within the last 48 hours before the original rental start date.

To request a cancellation please contact our support line for assistance at +1 (855) 333-0343, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

Equipment Owners: Cancellations disrupt renters' plans and impact confidence in the Diesl community, therefore, the following penalties will be applied for Owner cancellations.

Cancellation fee. The following fees will apply depending on when you accepted the rental transaction and how soon before the rental start date you cancel the rental booking. The fee will be waived for your first cancellation within a 6-month period.

Up to 7 days before the rental start date you will be charged $50 for cancelling the transaction

7 days or less before the rental start date you will be charged $100 for cancelling the transaction

Renter review. Once you have accepted a rental transaction and subsequently cancel it, renters can still leave a public review on your listing’s profile about their experience. Diesl may also post a review on your user profile indicating that you cancelled one of your rental transactions.

Account suspension. If you cancel 3 or more reservations within a year, we may deactivate your Diesl profile and all your listings.

Cold Calling Scripts (copy)

The Painting Industry

Understanding the Demographic

There are 13k painting businesses in only ON, BC, and AB’s metro areas and probably closer to 20k for all of Canada   

Our initial market size in ON is 7,057. 

What are the Specific Needs of a Painting Business?

  • The majority of Painting business are less than 10 people
  • Regardless of the size of the business,on the majority of job sites there will only be 1-5 painters at a time.
  • You will speaking with mostly small business owners who are supporting their families

Aerial lifts offer 2 vital benefits to Painters:

  1. Safety
  2. Efficiency 


  • A job can be completed up to twice as fast with the assistance of a lift
  • Lifts can support multiple workers
  • Eliminate the need to constantly reposition ladders


  • Falls are the most common form of workplace injury
  • Injury is most common in laborers 20-28, which is the age range that represents the majority of painters
  • Aerial lifts allow painters easy access to hard to reach areas without additional risk

Painting as a Young Industry

The vast majority of painters are below the age of 35

As a younger demographic, this means that painters will be more inclined to take advantage of technology. In both machinery and online applications, such as Diesl.

If we make a positive impact within this target industry we will:

  • Create a loyal customer base
  • Build an inventory of equipment
  • An active online presence that our prospective customers can refer to 

Thats why it's so important to have a fun, easygoing Call Centre representing Diesl!

Cold Calling Script

Please read the guides and scripts carefully, they contain specific tasks and information you will be responsible for!

Freshsales Training (copy)

Navigation and Basics

Why Freshsales?

  • You will be using Freshsales to complete the following Tasks everyday
    1. Use leads provided by Diesl headquarters
    2. Preform and track all outbound marketing calls to potential users
    3. Schedule and preform and record follow-up tasks and calls when necessary


You must always have Freshsales and the Diesl Platform open at all times during your work day.

  • Important: Freshsales is not to be used to send emails to users, even though there is a feature to send emails, Freshsales is ONLY used to communicate through phone calls
  • Our customers are located in Ontario Canada GMT -3 EST

Creating an Account

  1. Go to www.dieslequipmentinc.freshsales.io
  2. Enter your GlobalSky email address, this is the email that has been pre-authorized
  3. Create a password for your account
  4. Success! You have registered your Freshsales account


As soon as you sign-up ,double check your Freshsales phone status to "Unavailable"

  • On the bottom right of of every screen, there is a set of 3 grey buttons.
  • Click the button on the right with a computer icon

If your phone feature is available, you will receive Incoming calls for Support. 

  • At this time, incoming support calls are NOT taken by GlobalSky representatives
  • Incoming support calls are currently managed by the Diesl headquarters in Canada 
  • Hours: Monday to Friday 9-5 EST

  • A small dark grey menu will pop-up. 
  • Click the button to the right of "Available to take calls" 
  • The button will change from yellow to grey as pictured above.
  • You will still be able to make Outgoing calls.


  • This will be your Freshsales home screen- the "Leads" Page
  • The buttons on the right hand side navigate to different areas of the program, we will explore these later
  • The buttons on the left are the main navigation

Freshsales Terms and Definitions

Main Menu

  • The Freshsales main menu is located on the left side of the screen
  • There are several Icons here to help organize Diesl.co users, from top to bottom they are:
  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Deals
  • Conversations
  • My Appointments and Tasks


  • All un-contacted leads provided by Diesl will be stored on this page
  • All businesses or individuals in this section have NOT been contacted yet
  • After the first call has been made, all users, potential and current should be converted to contacts


  • All current Diesl users and potential users will be stored as contacts
  • Mandatory contact information is as follows:
    • First and last name
    • phone number 
    • email
    • Renter or Owner (if known)
    • Buisness Address 
    • Add screenshot of fields


  • Account essentially means "Business Name"
  • If one company has several renters or owner profiles they can be attatched to one account
  • 99% of the time the user will have one Diesl account and one Freshsales account or "Business name"


  • a "Deal " or "Pipeline" = the journey of turning a potential user into a Diesl.co registered user

  • For our purposes "Deals" and  a "Pipeline" are the same thing
  • All potential users will be assigned to a "Deal" or "pipeline"
  • Current Diesl users will not be assigned to a "Deal" or "pipeline" because they are already registered
  • You will be assigned a pipeline by an admin and all of the "Deals" you create will be automatically assigned to the pipeline.
  • Do not create your own pipeline for any reason 

Deal/ Pipeline Stages

The white contact icon can be dragged and dropped into any stage, at any time. These stage changes will be tracked.

  1. New- A potential user you have added, but have not contacted yet
  2. Follow-up 1- A user who you have contacted once, but requires a follow-up
  3. Follow-up 2- A user that you have previosuly contacted,and conducted a follow-up call with, but that requires one more follow-up call to determine
    • If they are interested
    • If they have any questions
    • If they said they would sign-up, but have not.
  4. Won- a potential user that has successfully registered for the Diesl Platform
  5. Lost- a potential user that has stated clearly they are not interested


  • NEVER send any emails from Freshsales
  • If you need to email a user, it should be done using the Diesl Platform , which we will go over later
  • DO NOT use the voice mail function
  • If you wish to view a chronological log of all your phone calls, you can find it under the "All Phone Calls" tab at the very bottom of the page

Appointments and Tasks

  • A record of all previous and upcoming Appointments and Tasks that may arise from a call
  • All tasks and appointments MUST be checked throughout the day and marked as complete before the due date.

All of your apponments and tasks should include as many details as possible including:

  • Name of person your would like to speak to
  • reason for call



  • Set events that are time sensitive
    • ex. John the Painter of Painting Inc wants you to call him back on Friday at 2 PM EST
  • Be detailed when you set your appointmets.
  • Always include the reason for the call
  • To mark appointments as complete check the white box to the left of the Appointment


  • Tasks  that can be completed anytime before a set due date
    • ex follow up with Bob from Painting Pros Inc by September 15th
  • You can search these tasks by time due, name account etc
  • You can view tasks by Previous, overdue or upcoming
  • To mark the task as Complete, check the white box to the left of the task


In the upper right corner you have the ability to add an appoinment manually. HOWEVER proper protocol is that Appointments should be made directly after a call

Make sure you are viewing Appoinments in the proper time zone. The current Diesl Service area is in Ontario, Canada or GMT -3 Eastern Time

You can add a task ( or appointment) by clicking the "Add Task"  button on the upper right of the screen.

HOWEVER: the proper protocol is to be adding tasks immediately before or after a call as needed.

Lead Management and Objectives

We need you to spread the word about Diesl!

Your main daily outbound marketing tasks are twofold:

  1. Engage leads in an informative, easy going cold call inviting them to join the Diesl Platform and preform follow-up calls when necessary.
  2. Convert leads into contacts and record all relevant information according to Diesl processes

1. To call these potential customers, and preform follow-up calls when necessary.

  • There are approximately 7,200 painting industry employers on Ontario
  • With 2 call center employees its should take around 3 months to exhaust that list
  • Calls should be brief, contractors are busy people!
    • BUT If a potential user has questions, take as much time as needed to address their concerns!
  • You should be calling 30-45 leads a day.

2. Convert leads into contacts and record all relevant information according to Diesl processes

  • All Calls, follow-ups and call outcomes must be recorded
  • Take detailed notes of the leads
    • concerns
    • questions
    • Status as an Owner/Renter/both
    • You should be recording ALL relevant information and EVERY call, missed, connected, voicemail 

Converting your Leads in Freshsales

From Leads to Contacts

There are 4 steps to add a contact to Freshsales from the Leads Section

All contacts must be:

  1.  Unique, no duplicate contacts!
  2. Properly added as a contact
  3. Associated with a Deal or Pipeline
  4. Have a task or appoinmtent assigned to them

1. Search for pre-existing contacts

This is a mandatory step to be completed before every contact is added.

  • In the upper left of the Contacts and Lead sections there is a search box.
  • Search "all" to ensure the contact that you are about to add is not already in the system
  • As time goes on, it will become more difficult to find new contacts.

2. Properly add as a Contact

There are 2 ways to quickly add a potential contact. 

  • There is an orange "New" button on the top right of every page that when clicked will give you the option to make a new contact
  • When you are in the "Contacts" section , there is a white "Add Contact" button on the top right of the page

  • There is a grey arrow beside the name field.
  • The view above is NOT the full contact form
  • Click it to reveal all the fields nessecary for a new contact
  • This is the complete list of fields that must be filled out

  • The following Fields are mandatory
    • First and last name 
      • If you cant find the name of a contact person in your research, just put the Company Name until you have made a proper contact
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Full Address
    • Account (Business Name)
    • State will mean Province, which is Ontario
    • Country
    • Timezone
    • Source (Web or refferal)
  • Make sure to press the oranage "Save" button at the end of the form

3. Associate Contact with Deal/ Pipeline

  • After you have saved the contact you will be taken to the above page.
  • This is the main contact page where you can 
    • Assign tasks/appointments
    • View Previous activity
    • Edit Contact information
  • Ignore the lead score as it does not apply 

  • To add associate contact with a deal/pipeline click the white "Add deal" button in the upper right corner

  • In the  "Name" box, write the name of the company or contractor
  • Press the orange "Save" Button

  • The contact activity log will shown that a deal has been added
  • Now, when you go to the "Deals" section you will see your new contact listed under "New"

Please Note:

  • At the top right of the "Deals" page under the orange "New" button is the name of the pipeline.
  • Do not touch this section. You have been assigned a pipeline so all your contacts and deals will be automatically associated with it.
  • Directly to the right of this button, you have the option to view "Deals" from "All Users" or "Me"
  • You must Select "Me" in this section to avoid confusing your "Deals" with the "Deals" of other users
    • ie avoid calling each other's contacts

4.Assign a Task or Appointment to a Deal

Please Note:Every new Contact/Deal MUST have a their first call assigned as a task. DO NOT call the contact without assigning the call as a Task first

  • First Go to the "Deals" section
  • Click the dark blue "Deal Name" in the red box

  • On the top right of the page you can add notes, files and most imporantly TASKS
  • Click the "Tasks" tab to add a task or view past/upcoming tasks

  • Under Title put: Indtroductory Phone Call" to indicate this will be your first call to the contact
  • Under "Due Date" we recommend you call the new contact the day of generation to keep any information and context you learned in your research fresh in your mind. 
  • The Task Type is a "Call Reminder" for the Introductory Phone Call
  • DO NOT fill out the outcome until you have completed the task
  • If there's any information you would like to be reminded of when you make your call, put it in the description.
  • During the acutual call you will add more notes to the description
  • Press the orange "Save" button

  • You will now see your task added to your deal on the "Deals" page
  • This is indicated by the green arrow to the right of the Deal.
  • The yellow hard icon indicates no tasks or apointments have been assigned
  • A red arrow indicates overdue tasks or appointments

Outbound Calling Features and Protocol

Freshsales Procedures for:

  • Pre-call Preperation
  • Introductory Cold Calls
  • Follow-up 1 ( 7 business days after the Introductory Phone Call)
  • Follow-up 2 ( 7 business days after Follow-up 1 if nessecary)
  • Post-call Tasks

Pre-Call Preperation

Before you make a call you should have:

  • Freshsales open in front of you to make the call,record information and set-up follow-up tasks
  • Diesl.co open to be able to invite new users to the platform
  • The appropriate script open and ready to go
  • Studied the Diesl.co Scripts, FAQ and platform enough to feel confident and comfortable answering  questions

Outbound Calling Through Freshsales

  • All of your outbound Marketing Calls will be made through your browser using Freshsales.
  • Calls can be made from any screen by either selecting the Phone icon circled in at the top-right of any page, or by selecting the keypad icon circled in red, at the bottom of any page

First Outbound Call to a Contact or Lead

After a potential user has been :

  • Added as a contact,
  •  Assigned them to a deal 
  •  Assigned your first phone call as a task, 

You are ready to give them their Introductory Phone Call to Diesl!

  • First, go to the "Deals" Section shown above

  • Click the green arrow to the right of the Deal name
  • The next upcoming task will appear below

  • Click the Phone Icon next to the related contact to view the phone number

  • The contact associated with the deal will open on a seperate pop-up
  • Click the contact name in dark blue

You will be taken to the main contact page.

Its important to make the call while viewing the  main contact page because it contains  contextual information about the potential user

  • Activity log
  • Location
  • Tasks
  • Business name
  • The call can be made by clicking any of the call buttons indicated above

  • While you are on the call, you can continue to use your computer and Freshsales normally.
  • Add your  required notes to the task "Description" box while you're on the call. Any new information should be added to the contact.
    • Contact name
    • Record whether contact is a equipment owner or renter 
  • Dont forget to press save!
  • To hang up the call, press any phone icon on Freshsales.

How to send a Sign up Link:

  • Switch to diesl.co
  •  Go to your profile menu and select ‘Invite a Friend’

OPTIONALLY: You can go to Control Panel > Invite new users to Diesl

  • Paste the contact email address from FreshSales into the Invitation box and click ‘Send Invitation’
  • Confirm with the user that they will be receivng an email from YOU (your name) from equipment at Diesl.co

Once you have hung up, a "CALL LOG" Screen will pop up on the right hand of your screen.

You Must:

  • Record the outcome of the call.
  • Record whether contact is an equipment owner or renter or both (if known)
  • Do not change the "Existing Contact" or "Name" field
  • In the notes section you must include:
    • Whether the sign up link was sent or not
    • The next task and when it is scheduled for
    • any information you would want to use on your next call
      • ex "he only rents equipment on weekends"

Follow-Up Calls

After a Introductory Cold Call where you have sent a sign-up link, you must verify that the contact has actually signed-up for a Diesl account.

  • If they have, the deal is considered "Won", great job!
  • If they have not, proceed with the nessecary Follow-Up

How to Verify if a user has signed up for a Diesl Account

  1. Login to your Diesl.co account
  2. Go to the dropdown menu on the top right of the screen beside your Name
  3. Click "Control Panel"

  1. You will be taken to a seperate page called "Manage Users", this is a list of all current Diesl user accounts
    • Please Note: Theere are other pages available, which you will not need to use.
  2. In the search bar at the top of the page you can search for users by name or email.
  3. If the user has signed up for a Diesl account, they are considered "Won" and will need to be moved into the "Won" deal stage (this will be discussed further in Post Call procedure)
  4. If the user hasn't signed up, proceed with Follow-Up Call 1

Freshsales Follow-Up Procedures

  • Follow-Up 1: 7 business days after Introductory Cold Call
  • If you got a positive response from your Introductory Call, sent the user a sign -up link, but if after 7 business Days they are still not a user on the Diesl Platform you will give them a call to check in with them, re-send the link, hear their concerns etc.
    • If After this call if the potential user still seems interested you will schedule Follow-Up Call 2 for 7 buisness days later
  • Follow-Up 2: 7 business days after Follow-up 1
  • This is the last call you will be making to a potential user 7 business days after Follow-up 1
  • Check the Diesl platform to see if the potential user has made a Diesl account 
    • If they have made a Diesl account the deal is considered "Won"
    • If they have not made a Diesl account proceed, with Follow-up 2
  • If the user does not seem interested after this final call, the Deal is considered "Lost"

Post Call Procedure

Immediately after every call, stay on the main contact page and complete the following mandatory tasks:

  1. Record the outcome of the call
  2. Edit the contact with any updated information
  3. Schedule the next task/ appointment
  4. Move the Deal to the appropriate stage in the Pipeline 
  5. Add "User Type" to Deal (Equipment owner or renter or Both)

Record the outcome of the Call

  • When you record the out come always use option that best reflects the outcome of the call
  • For example, if you call Bob's Painting and ask for Bob and he is not in the office select "not able to reach" instead of no response
  • ALWAYS include additional notes describing your conversations

Voicemail Procedures

  • Calls that go to Voicemail are to be recorded and Follow-Up calls scheduled, just like if the call went through!
  • 3 calls Procedure:
    1. Call and Leave a voicemail
    2. Call #2 and leave Voicemail #2
    3. Call one final time and do not leave a voicemail

Edit the contact with any updated information

  • Go to the contact page and select the Pencil Icon on the upper right to edit/ add any contact info
  • All new information should be updated

Schedule the next Task/Appointment

  • Click the add Task  or Appointments on the upper right of the screen depending on the potential user's needs.
    • Task= task with a deadline 
    • Appointment= Specific time when a task must be done
    • ex. Call Bob's Painting at 3 pm EST on Friday May 18th
  • Follow-Up 1 will always be scheduled for 7 business days after the Introductory Cold Call was successfully preformed
  • Follow-Up 2 will always be scheduled 7 business days after Follow-up 1, if nessecary
  • The only time you will not schedule an appointment is if the Deal has been "Won" or "Lost"

Moving the Deal to the Appropriate Stage in the Pipeline 

  • At the bottom of the main contact page, under the "Deals" section, click the dark blue "Deal" name

  • You will be taken to the Main Deal page
  • Click the appropriate stage for the deal in the grey bar,
  • Once selected the grey bar will turn to colour and a "Success" message will appear on the lower left of the screen

Deal Stages

  1. New-:This stage is for potential users that have been:
    •  succesfully added to Freshsales as a contact
    • Associated with an account
    • Associated with a Deal
    • Scheduled a task for an Introductory Cold Call
    • Have not received their Introductory Cold Call
  2. Follow-Up 1: This stage is for when potiental users have: 
    • received their Introductory Cold Call
    •  a task scheduled for Follow-up Call  7 business days after
  3. Follow-up 2: This Stage is for when users have
    • have not created a Diesl account
    • have received an Introductory Cold Call and a Follw-up 1 call
    • are still interested in Diesl
  4. Won:This stage is for when contacts have created a Diesl account at any time
  5. Lost: This stage is for contacts who have 
    • declared themselves 100% not interested
    • have not signed up for a Diesl Account after Follow-up Call 1 and Follow-Up Call 2

Add User Type to "Deal" 

  • During your call, one of the most important pieces of information is to determine what type of Diesl.co user the lead will be:
    • Renter
    • Owner
    • Both
  • On the "Deals" page, click the pencil icon in the upper right to edit the deal and add the type of user to the Deal

  • Under the field "User Type" select the user type from the dropdown menu 
  • Click the orange "save" button