Project Management Planning

In this 2 module 2 week course you can expect to refresh your knowledge on Project Management, gain insight into the importance of defining your project, confidently list the key steps in taking a a project to completion, learn to not only monitor your teams progress but to best communicate your progress the the stakeholders. You will also gather some implementation tricks and along the way gather information on how to evaluate the projects success in order to improve on future projects.  

Project Management Planning - Defining a project

Notes on defining a project


Defining a project can often be a challenge, as your picture of a projects outcome can differ to the stakeholders picture. The key to the success of all projects is clearly understanding your stakeholder’s desires and then to be able to reproduce it in a way that will exceed the desired outcome and still remain in line with the stakeholders mandate. 

With all projects the key is to accurately define the project giving it scope and range 

Only once you have clearly defined the project would you then be able to build a reliable project plan. The process of defining begins with interviewing the stakeholders and listing their expectations. Be careful here as in the case of a wedding the future bride may get lost in the details of the flowers and the future father in all on the cost of the bar. Go to the kickoff meeting with predetermined leading questions that require clear answers like, what theme do they want, how many guests, what is the location etc. If the stakeholder cannot clearly answer the questions then lead them to an answer they feel they developed themselves. The best tool for Project Management is following a SMART analysis approach – find out the Specific (S) identify what is Measurable (M), noting what is Achievable (A), confirm its Relevance (R) and make it  an appropriate Time (T) line.

What is a project definition

  • A list of steps required to complete a project
  • A desired outcome
  • A clear description of the range and scope of the project
  • None of the above