Sales Process

Setter door approach

When customers express concern about cost, what could you mention to help overcome that concern?

The most common objection to solar, despite what they tell you, is:

It is possible for IWS customers to go solar with no money out of pocket.

Two things to mention at every door are:

How many times on average will you need to ask for the appointment?

If someone said they weren't interested in the morning, knock again in the evening to see if they changed their minds.

Which contact info is NOT necessary to collect for the appointment?

You should ask if someone has worked with IWS before to avoid conflicts with other salespeople and the work they have previously done.

If a home has a for sale sign, knock anyway since solar increases a home's value.

Asking the customer questions, like whether they shop at Costco, will help them to stay engaged in the conversation.

Can the ISCI deadline be a motivator for someone who claims that they are too busy?

Selling solar is easier with homeowners who are planning on moving within a year.

Looking for "not home" clues can save you time and make you more efficient.

If a customer is concerned that solar is too expensive, you should always agree and let them know that you understand that concern.

Which day of the week is proving to be the most effective for knocking doors?

Asking a customer to share what their hesitations are is too confrontational and you could give IWS a bad image.

The solar appointment must be set with the homeowner.

The appointment should be set at a time when one of the decision makers in the home can be present.

How much time should you spend at a door when no one answers?

When setting the appointment, you will need to gather the following information:

Door etiquette and technique

What percentage of communication is body language?

Violating solicitation laws is a crime and anyone found guilty can be charged with a:

How far from the door should you stand when it is opened?

Profanity and sarcasm are inappropriate unless the prospect uses them first.

You should appear busy on your clipboard or tablet when the door is first opened.

What percentage of communication is tone of voice?

Communication is 7% _________________ and 93% ______________________

What percentage of your communication is attributed to the words you say?

If you see someone peeking out a window, you should:

Speaking fast will help you be successful by getting your message in quicker before the prospect loses interest.

Avoid visible tattoos unless they carry important personal meaning to you.

A ______________  _______________________ is made within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone.

The following words imply weakness and do not instill confidence:

For security reasons, it is wise to use a fake name while knocking the homes of people you have never met.

Raising the pitch of your voice at the end of every sentence (uptalking) can weaken the power of your message.

Filler words (um, uh, so, like, and, yea, etc.) are good because they help to avoid awkward silence and pauses.

Walking at a fast pace between doors can show that you are motivated and excited to deliver your message.

The following words can strengthen your message and create visual images of the benefits of solar:

Violating solicitation laws is a crime and anyone found guilty can be charged with a:

After initial eye contact is made, eye contact should range from:

Standing at the door with arms limp at the sides shows respect and attention to the customer.

Standing square in front of the customer at the door shows openness and confidence.

Solar companies are allowed to knock homes with "no soliciting" signs.

Non-verbal movements or gestures that help amplify what you are communicating are called:

Initial eye contact should last about 3 seconds before shifting your eyes elsewhere, like to the logo on your shirt.

What is the following statement? "Be the premier provider of custom solar and wind power solutions to the commercial, government, and residential markets through hard work, communication, accountability, integrity, honesty, and professionalism."

In addition to mirroring customer movements, you should also mirror their:

Which of the following examples of body language should you avoid?

When a customer folds their arms, you should mirror momentarily, but then hand them something to look at to open them up again.

What are the legal hours to knock according to Utah state law?

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