Writing Re-corrections / Complaints Procedure

After completing this short e-bite, you will be able to:

  1. understand the required correspondence to complete a re-correction
  2. claim an assigned re-correction in Axis

Step One

Step One (i)

Email Notification

You receive an email from ASOT noting that a re-correction has been assigned to you. 

A back-up corrector, Beulah and Emily will also be included on the email. 

Step One (ii)

Claiming a re-correction

To claim this re-correction, respond to all stating that you will correct the submission within two hours of assignment.

You will have six hours from assignment to re-correct the submission.

  • If you are unable to claim the submission, the backup corrector will have to step in. 
  • If you are unable to complete a claimed re-correction, immediately reply-all to the assignment email and we will reassign it.
  • If you are not available on that day, the back-up teacher must reply to the email within one hour from the time of assignment to claim it.

Knowledge Check One

  • You have six hours from assignment to re-correct the submission.
  • You should claim the submission within six hours of assignment.
  • To claim this re-correction, first log-in to Axis and correct it.

Step Two

Step Two

ASOT Teacher Account 

Once you've claimed the submission in writing, log in using the ASOT teacher account:

  • This account is only used for re-correction of assigned writing correction complaints.
  • All correctors who assist with complaints will be able to access this account. 

Claiming your re-correction:

  1. Log into Axis and go to Async portal
  2. Type the assigned WRITING ID into ITEM ID
  4. SUBMITTED change FROM 1 March 2017 and TO Current date
  6. Click on APPLY FILTER
  7. CN/ US server can be alternated if the search is not successful
  8. Scroll down and click on MORE and select Correct submission. 

Knowledge Check Two

  • complete extra corrections.
  • re-correct specifically assigned re-corrections.
I can use the ASOT teacher account to

Knowledge Check Two

  • correct the submission in Axis then confirm acceptance in writing.
  • confirm acceptance in writing then correct the submission in Axis.
To complete a re-correction, I should first

Step Three

Step Three

Email Template Response

Once you've completed the correction and taken your screenshots, simply respond to ASOT filling in the fields in the email template.

Email Template Response

Things you'll need:

  • The writing ID, date and server
  • A screenshot with review mode on (student view)
  • A screenshot with review mode off (teacher view)
  • A screenshot of your two comments

In your email template response you'll need to include:

  • Writing ID
  • Date
  • Server
  • Screenshot of comments
  • Screenshot of review mode (on)
  • Screenshot of review mode (off)

Knowledge Check Three

  • Confirm acceptance in writing
  • Complete the submission in Axis
  • Reply using the template email to confirm completion
Place the following steps in the correct order.