AXA Complaints Handling Process Test v3

Complaints Handling Process (copy)

Who are the FCA?

What is the key change to complaints handling coming into force on 1 July 2016?

Which of the following is not a criteria for an expression of dissatisfaction being a complaint?

Is this an example of a complaint? The customer called us because we set up a new policy but accidentally duplicated her direct debit and she incurred bank charges.

Is this an example of a complaint? We've given the customer incorrect information about our policy limits and this has caused them to take a day off work to purchase alternative cover but are already covered on our policy. They sound extremely concerned.

Is this an example of a complaint? We declined cover for a customer with a medical condition. As a result the customer decided not to book a holiday. We realised he was covered after all but it was too late for him to book. He was very upset on the phone.

Is this an example of a complaint? The customer has not been provided with a courtesy vehicle from our approved repairer in a timely manner and needed to hire a vehicle herself.

Is this an example of a complaint? One of our staff has a bad day and is rude to a customer who has called to ask for clarification about her policy. The customer hangs up in confusion before she receives the clarification then calls back in tears.

If we receive a complaint at 3.15 pm on Friday 15th August, by when do we need to resolve it for the complaint to be “informal”?

What’s an SRC?

If we have resolved a complaint on the second day following the date of receipt, what three things do we need to do, for the complaint to be “informal”?

When should you send an SRC?

A customer calls and is really angry because he thinks that our on-hold music is annoying. He asks to speak to your senior. Which set of actions do you perform?

What’s the process if a complaint remains unresolved after 5pm on the third working day following receipt of complaint?

Why are the SRC and the Final Response letter so important?