Absolute Wireless

RealTime Training - Start to Finish


This class will provide in depth training on Realtime. It will take you from downloading the app to completing the task in the app.                                            

How to download RealTime

Downloading the Realtime App

On the Device you are using go to from the Safari app if your using and iPhone / iPad. If your using an android device then you should use Google Chrome. Apple device is the recommended device that is NOT your personal Device. We recommend using your MSA tablet. If you do not have a device then please reach out to your DM for assistance on getting a device or our location. 

Click the Username. Click the Password. Click Login

At the top of the screen click "Download"

Click the Download link labeled "RealTime for iOS"

Click "Install"

Click "Settings"

Click "General"

Click "Device Management"

Click "Trust VoloForce, LLC"

Click "Trust"

Click "Lotus RealTime"

Click "Allow"

Click "Don't Allow". You can turn on notifications if you'd like, but it does drain the battery.

Click "Ok"

Click "+ Add Access Point"

Click "Update" ------ This is where you enter the username and password provided to you. The last space at the bottom make sure you enter

Once you see this screen you have successfully logged into the app. Click "Access Points" in the upper left hand corner to take you to the home page.

This is your homepage. Once you see this you are done. Downloading and logging into the RealTime App.