Processing Point-of-Sale Transactions


In this course, you will complete eight modules to learn how to use social cues, Best Brand's POS system, and necessary operations to successfully check out our customers.

The ninth and final module will request your open and honest feedback about your experience in this training.

Finishing ALL Nine modules is mandatory for Course Completion.

Please press "Start Course" to begin. Follow course list in order by pressing "Start" for each new module. Press "Finish Course" once finished with ALL nine modules to receive your course score and press "Submit" once a score of 80% or above has been achieved. 


1. Cashier's State of Mind

Checkout: A Mindless Activity?

Your Experiences as a Customer

How many times have you visited a grocery or department store only to rush through the transaction to get on with your day? You have likely done this countless times. 

What shopping experiences do you remember most? Those that were either horrible or above and beyond are most likely to be remembered. While a majority of shopping experiences for many folks fit neither extreme, having an unmemorable experience can be just as bad as remembering a horrible experience. 

This course will provide you with knowledge and examples of how to give a highly positive and memorable experience to our guests every time!

Arrange Steps of the POS Checkout Process

Initial Instinct

Think like a Cashier by arranging the Steps of the POS Checkout Process below based on your gut instinct. Do this activity before going through the rest of the lessons to get a feel for what you will be learning.

  • Greet Customer
  • Prepare Items to Be Scanned
  • Identify Customer's Rewards Membership Status or Enroll
  • Sell Branded Extended Warranties and Services
  • Sell Branded Credit Cards
  • Process a Variety of Payment Forms
  • Obtain Customer's Receipt Preferences
  • Wrap-Up Customer Transaction

2. Greeting Customers

Greet By Example

CSA Sandra will show you how it's done (and not done)

Watch CSA Sandra interact with Customer Julie through out these lessons to better understand what is expected of all associates checking out guests. Can you think of other actions that impact the customer experience besides Sandra's examples? You will have a chance to share your ideas after watching.

Your Ideas on Greeting Customers

So what is your idea of what and what not to do when greeting customers?

Other than examples given in the video, please share one example of 1.) a cashier's behavior by which they can make the customer's day and 2.) one behavior which cashiers should avoid when in the presence of customers. Please list them 1 and 2 with a response on each line.

3. Product Preparation and Scanning

Identifying Security Devices

Best Brand realizes that the best way to deter theft is to take preventative measure that will discourage such behavior. One of the more visible ways this is done is through the use of security devices on products that are of high value or have been known to be a "hot item" for theft. Below you will find three depictions of security devices that are used most often in our stores. 

Lock Boxes

These devices are made to store a variety of products based on size and fit. The gray lids have slots where a special key is used to open them for item entry and retrieval. Most products placed into these boxes are already boxed in their own paper or cardboard box. Some products even have enclosed security stickers which can be temporarily deactivated once placed on our check out counters.

Media Lock Boxes

Similar to lock boxes above, in terms of plastic composition and magnetic locks, these devices are made to hold products that are slim such as DVDs, videos games and memory chips.

Spider Wraps

Used mainly for items that are too large to fit into lock boxes, these devices have metal wires which can fit various box sizes and become secured with only a twist of the attached tab. 

Your Security Device Responsibilities

Each device can serve to keep ours products free from theft as long as you do your part to ensure they are being used and stored properly. Your responsibility with these devices will include: removing them from items customers wish to purchase, and securely storing them until they can be placed with an asset protection or warehouse specialist.

Magnetic Keys

To remove boxes and spider wraps, you must use a magnetic key. An example of these keys is pictured to the left. Once you begin training, you will notice that each register has a magnetic key bolted to a bungee chord for use in removing security devices. To loosen devices, you must match the two prongs on the keys up to corresponding indentations on the devices. Some pressure may be required to intolock key and devices.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

One top priority in keeping our products safe is to avoid giving customers the opportunity to practice removing security devices with our equipment. While it is necessary to open security devices in the sight of customers, you are responsible for keeping keys and device out of sight once you are finished using them. This can be done by placing devices in a shopping basket and securing keys both under our metal check out counters. 

Security Device Check Point

Which device can wrap around larger or odd shaped products?

  • Spider Wraps
  • Lock Boxes
  • Media Boxes

Security Device Check Point*

  • Type your statement here...
  • Type your statement here...

Scanning and Surveying POS

Universal Product Codes UPC

Every item that you will ring for every guest will have a UPC bar code. This barcode is easily distinguishable from other bar codes. 

If you have difficulty scanning, you can enter the digits below if you are certain the item is less than a $200 value. Otherwise, you should seek management to properly check out item.

Serial Number Barcodes

Serial numbers are item specific unlike UPC's which only denote a series of one product. You will often find these on printers and mobile phones among many other products. POS will prompt you to enter Serial Numbers only of products it requires this entry for.

Cellular Device IMEI Barcodes

This a 15 digit number that is specific to every mobile device. You will scan this barcode after you have scanned the device UPC and Serial number bar codes. Doing so is necessary for activation of the customer's phone and completion of your transaction.

Value Required

Some products may require that you ask the customer for a value they would like to add to their product. Examples include gift cards and video game deposits. Once you receive a customer desired amount, you should enter it into POS and hit "Submit."

Verify Date of Birth

Various items which may be harmful to youths whether physically or psychologically may prompt you to ask a guest for an ID in order to verify that the guest's birthday is on the date listed on the POS or sooner. 

Ex: POS says customer's birthday must be on or before 01/01/1990. If a customer has a birthday of 12/28/1989, they meet the age requirement. If the customer has a birthday of 2/12/1992, they are not old enough to purchase this product, therefore you must deny the sale of the item requiring age verification.

Some items which may prompt for this verification are video games rated M for mature, pressurized keyboard air and soda stream canisters. 

You must follow this policy or face disciplinary action up to termination.

Bar Codes Quiz

Which of these bar codes will you need to scan while ringing out a cellular phone product?

  • SKU
  • IMEI

Price Confusion

Price Confusion

While our warehouse staff, floor associates, and managers make every reasonable attempt to change prices each week to match sales, customers may find an item out of place or misinterpret sales. Some customers attempt to locate an associate to get clarification. Other customers bring their concerns to stationary front lanes associate when they can not track down an available floor associate. 

Your responsibility in this situation is to contact a floor associate or manager to gain clarity on the price that the customer is inquiring about. In the case that a tag was missed, managers may give the sale price at their discretion. Otherwise, a manager will likely discuss the sale requirements with a customer until a decision is made between them. It is your responsibility to get these parties involved and finish the transaction in the manner that your managers expect. 

Bundle Pricing and Promotions

Fine Print

Best Brand will often set aside products that will sell better together as a bundle. Some of these bundles provide great savings to customers, yet to take advantage, customers have the challenge of reading the fine print to make sure they are buying the correct item. Manager's discretion is again the authority in meeting the inquiry of customers on price and eligible items. While not your ultimate responsibility, it is recommended that you stay ahead of deals and promotions so that you can assist customers in taking advantage of bundle deals or promotions.

Price Matching

Leaders in Price-Matching

Best Brand instills great trust in its employees to make judgment calls when deciding whether to honor a price-match for customers. While one of our company goals is to match competitors, it is also important that Best Brand remain competitive in revenue. Non-feasible price-match decisions can be avoided by adhering to the following price-match process.

These are some of Best Brand's major competitors.

Major Competitors Club Only

Like in the picture above, Best Brand only competes with other major retailers. Items that customers wish to price match must be SHIPPED and SOLD by a major competitor. Price-matches are not done toward third party products because the same warranty guarantee by manufacturers does not apply when customers purchase items from a third party. By purchasing from Best Buy, customers a guaranteed a one year warranty by their manufacturer. 

Some customers are confused by our policy since some major retailers allow third party sellers to sell on their websites. The most common are and Amazon. This is another reason behind our Shipped and Sold policy.

Item is Identical & Available NOW

To price match a major retailer, the item being sold at a lower price must be identical to our products in terms of model # and color. For example, some colors may be a lower cost because they are not selling as well. Pricing out items to the exact items of the competitor also allow Best Brand to take metrics on how to become more competitive in price.

Ad is Current

Two forms of advertisements are currently accepted for price-matching. These are a current sales paper or an active webpage with all pertinent information accessible on one of our computers. While a customer can share a web address with us, we must verify on our own computers that a sale is occurring at a major competitor. 

Some customers may attempt to bring in a printed copy of a webpage or a screen shot of a sale on their phone. These are not accepted as valid ads.

True or False

  • It is up to a manager's discretion whether to honor a promotion or price match.
  • We will match 3rd parties if selling is allowed by a major competitor.
  • We will price-match an item as long as the model number is the same. Color is not a factor.
  • We accept customer phone screen shots as valid proof of a lower price.
  • Products must be shipped and sold by a major comptetiro in order for us to price match.

4. Rewarding Customers

Why Enroll Customers into Rewards?

Creating Loyal Customers One at a Time

Our rewards program provides customers with some of the best benefits in retail. From receipt look-up and specials on products based on purchase history to gaining real savings on future purchases, every customer has the opportunity to experience an awesome shopping experience in our store. Although this program has been structured to provide maximum benefits to our most loyal guests, attracting new customers into our rewards cycle is a process that separates star employees from those that are average.

Do you have what it takes?

At Best Brand, going above and beyond to satisfy customers is our top priority. Some examples of star behaviors include: being attentive to guests at all times, providing the total solution for customers including those they may have never considered in the first place and meeting business objectives while delivering great savings to our customers through our membership programs.

Finding Customer Rewards Status and Enrolling New Members

Do you want to be a Rewards Superstar?

To start, Sandra will remind you about the basics of our rewards program in the video below. Can you answer her questions before time reveals the answers? We believe you can! Good Luck!

Rewards How-to

Sandra will also guide you through the steps of FINDING a customer's rewards account and enrolling new members. Make sure to take notes as you may find a quiz on this going forward.

Fill in the blanks

There are tiers of rewards membership.

points equal dollars in rewards certificates.

It costs dollars to sign up for Best Brand's rewards program.

True or False

  • It takes 30 days for rewards points to post to members accounts.
  • My Rewards Elite members can bank their points.
  • Best Brand associates can look up a reciept by your phone number if you are a rewards member.

5. Protecting Customer Purchases

Why sell extended warranties?

Personalized Customer Support

Our Geeks are highly skilled and knowledgeable associates who have the expertise to help customers get the most functionality and life out of their electronics. When customers feel they have an advisor to help them meet their goals, this level of support creates loyal customers.

Peace of Mind for Accidents

One of the best selling points for our warranties is the fact that accidents are covered in many of our plans. Mishaps are a part of life. Luckily, we offer a barrier to suffering from great loss behind many of our products. Selling our warranties as protection on larger investments makes sense in the minds of many of our customers.

How to Sell and Add Warranties

Act 1 - Selling is Half the Battle

While our Geeks are great at diagnosing and repairing, you are the force that keeps them busy. With your solid knowledge of our warranty plans, you will be able to harness greater persuasion when selling to customers. The video at the link below will give you a look at how we can use the benefits of our plans to convince customers that our plans are worth their extra dollar.

Act 2 - How Our Geeks Roll

The second half of this video will give you a general overview of how our Geeks continue to satisfy customers in the midst of their concern with malfunctioning products. It is important for you to understand this process in case customers question you on the process. 

A Great Visual...

Please visit this link to view the related video:

True or False

  • There are three types of protection plans.
  • The value for replacement products must exceed $500.
  • All products covered by our warranties must be shipped to a repair center
  • Geek Squad agents can fix tvs under 42 inches.
  • Customers must sign a contract in order to add a warranty to their purchase.
  • All Products have Best Brand Warranties.

6. Selling Branded Credit

Why Sell Branded Credit?

Loyalty on Credit

As a Best Brand employee, one of your greater responsibilities is to introduce customers to our Branded Credit cards and assist them in applying. By engaging customers in our excellent finance and rewards specials, we are able to build loyal customers one purchase at a time. Below you will find more information on selling the benefits of Best Brand's credit cards.

Best Brand Visa and Store Credit Cards

Multiplied Rewards

Best Brand cardholders receive nearly 5 times the amounts of points of my rewards members. Two rewards perks include the choice for customers to receive 10% back in rewards during their first month having their card. The second is the opportunity for customers to receive 5% back in rewards every time they shop with us in addition to their rewards membership points. You must emphasize that the rewards add up quickly for cardholders.

Flexible Financing

Each time a cardholder spends at least $200 on any product, they will receive 6 months of interest-free financing with equal payments due each month. Purchases over 400 hundred receive 12 months interest-free while any purchases over 800 receive 18 months interest-free.

There are also longer interest-free periods available as promotions on lower amounts throughout the year.

Running an Application

2-Minute Credit Application

Best Brand has integrated the ability for cashiers to run a credit application for customers at any point during the sales process. The application is simply accessed by launching the e-APP from the POS menu. Several of the most important details you must know when it comes to this application and engaging with the customer are as follows:

Obtain Customer's Phone Number & ID

  • All customers must be 18 year of age and over to apply. 
  • Customers must be a Best Brand rewards member.
  • Customers must have a valid (not expired) Driver's License or State ID

Customer Data Entry & Signature

Customers must enter their correct:

  • Annual Income
  • Rent Payment
  • Agreement to Credit Card Disclosures
  • Provide their signature as consent to apply

Sharing the Decision

If a customer is APPROVED:

  • Congratulate the customer
  • Explain the difference between our store and visa cards if needed
  • Have customer select desired card
  • Print out Credit Limit/Interest Rate Receipt
  • If customer is denied or not instantly approved politely and discreetly share the decision.

True or False

  • Applicants must be a "my rewards" member to apply.
  • Consent to Credit card disclosures is not required by applicants.
  • A valid license is required for all applicants.

Fill in the Blanks

Best Brand cardholders receive   back in rewards during their first month of being a cardholder.

What is the minimum dollar threshold for a cardholder to receive 6 months no-interest financing? 

Credit applicant must provide their annualto apply for Best Brand credit.

7. Forms of Payment and Processing

Customer Convenience / Split Payment

Generational Trends

To serve the range of generations that shop at our store, Best Brand has realized the necessity of accepting a variety of payment methods. From members of the baby boomer generation who often prefer to pay with cash, Gen Y'ers who are heavy users of credit cards and Millenials/Gen Z'ers who like to use mobile pay when possible, it is vital that you have the knowledge of how to take a payment using any method we accept. 

Retrieved from:

Customer-Driven Payment Convenience 

While most customers will often pay with a single method (ex: cash only, card only), some guests will ask to pay using more than one method. It is important to know that rewards certificates, coupons and then cash must be processed before adding any other payment method. You will have the opportunity to practice doing so in your one-on-one training. To the right is an example of the POS Screen. 

Coupons/Rewards Certificates

Apply Before Other Methods

The easiest way to save a customer money during their transactions with us is to let them know whether a coupon or reward certificate is available for their purchase. In some cases, customers will choose to continue shopping since having such a reward or coupon will land them an automatic windfall. It is requested that you show great patience with customers as they discover this benefit of being a loyal shopper with us.

Cash - Counting and Balancing

Count 4 Times when Change Required, Twice if not

When customers choose to pay with cash, we are able to accept any of these bill denominations: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, & 100. We also accept coins in the denominations of 1 cent, 5, 10, 25, 50 and $1. 

The four time to count are:

1. When you receive cash from the customer.

2. Before you place cash in your drawer. (No change required, Stop Here)

3. Taking Change out of your drawer

4. Counting Cash back to the customer.


While drawers are not assigned, employee numbers are required for operating registers. We hold each employee responsible for any imbalances that occurred on any register where they were logged in for the day. This is done to ensure that we hold each other responsible for properly handling cash and giving correct change.

Store Credit / Gift Cards

Barcode and Pin

In some instances, customers will present a store credit or gift card that can only be used on purchases of our goods. It is often the preference of customers to use this card balance first and then pay remaining balances with other methods if applicable. Thus, store credit cards often are part of a split payment.

Gift Cards for Payment

Similar to store credit cards, gift cards have a barcode for scanning and a pin number that must be entered in POS. Gift cards are also often included in split payment transactions. 

In the case that either of the above cards does not scan or the pin numbers are not matching up, it is recommended that you send the customer with their card to the customer service desk in order to get their balances transferred to a new card.


Debit and Credit Card - To Chip or Not to Chip?

Since banks have made the great migration over to payment cards which contain chips, Best Brand has stayed on the cutting edge of chip technology. 

Read below to learn more about processing these cards.

Chip - Cards 

Many customers have received credit and debit cards from their banks which allow them to use a micro chip during their transactions. Since our pin pads are chip enabled, if a customer has a chip in their card, our pin pads require chip entry. There is currently no way around this.

Traditional Card (Non-Chip) 

Fewer customers will still have cards that do not contain a chip. Our POS systems will still accept these cards except the system may prompt you to verify and enter the last 4 digits on the front of the card.

Digital Payments

Smart Watch Payments

Technology has advanced to near convenience as customers no longer need to carry a wallet to pay for their purchases at some retailers. Best Brand is on the cutting edge in this arena also. Customers can use the Apple and Samsung watches to pay with their debit or credit cards without them being present. Luckily, POS will usually recognize that this payment method is being used without any need input from you.

Mobile Phone Payment

Like smart watch payments. smart phones have the same capabilities. The one major difference is the several types of mobile pay providers on the market. Currently Best Brand only accepts Android and Apple Pay. This then excludes Samsung, Visa pay, and Master Pass.


Snail and Dinosaur Payment Method

As Best Brand seeks to retain older generations of customers, checks are still accepted in store. While these can be used to pay for a purchase (see steps below), our customers tend to use them more for payments towards their branded credit cards. 

Paying for a Purchase

  • Customer must fill out check in entirety
  • You must ask for valid ID and match ID information up to check information. (Name and Address)
  • You will type total into the total field, then press check button.
  • You must run check face-side-down in reader until pin pad prompts customer for signature.
  • Once signature is collected, reader will print void across check.
  • You must return check to customer with their receipt.

Paying a Bill 

This process is the same as if the customer were paying for a purchase except you will access the total field through the bill pay menu. You will have an opportunity to do this during one-on-one training.

Fill in the blanks

Cashiers must count cash times if change is required and times if it is not.

What devices are used to produce non-contact payment? and 

True or False

  • Cash Drawers are individually assigned.
  • We are only to accept one method of payment at a time.
  • Store Credits and Gift Cards require a PIN number for payment.
  • Checks are returned to customers when transactions are completed.

8. Receipt Preferences and Wrap-Up

"Come Back Soon"

Smooth Finish

Here are some recommendations for smoothly finishing up transactions:

  • Determine if your customer needs a carryout. If yes, follow the proper channels. (You will experience this during one-on-one training)
  • Bag Customer Items in Branded Bags
  • Wish customer a good day/evening/weekend

What would you do?

What other actions or phrases can you give when farewelling a customer?

(Press Enter to see more lines)

9. Training Feedback

Your Honest Feedback on Course

Please provide your honest feedback on this course including:

1. How well do you feel prepared for one-on-one training?

2. What the time length appropriate for the training? Did you complete this training in under or over an hour?

3. What was your favorite aspect of this course?

4. What did you enjoy the least?

5. Please give any other honest feedback (even if negative).

(Press Enter to View More Lines)