UAE School Inspection Framework

Hi there! Welcome  to this crash course on School Inspection Framework.

The course will take you through the journey of making yourself familiar with different parts of the framework through series of exercises to be completed referring the inspection framework.

It is fine to have a hard copy to refer to confirm before answering questions.

It is expected that you must have had referred the inspection booklet thoroughly, if not then do refer it, read it and get well versed with it.

Good luck with the course!


UAE School Inspection Framework

Introduction to the framework

Refer the page 7 to 11 of the framework and choose the correct answers for the question.

Kindly scan through the section well.

What is the vision of UAE

  • To be number one by the end of 2021
  • To be among 20 highest performing countries in PISA
  • To be among 10 highest performing countries in TIMMS
  • To be among 15 highest performing countries in TIMMS
  • To ensure that no students need to join the university entrance exam
  • To ensure that no students need to join the university foundation programme.
  • To ensure that 90% of Grade 9 students develop high skills in Arabic language in the UAE NAP assessment
  • To ensure that 100% of Emirati students complete their high school education.
  • To ensure that 95% of children in the UAE attend pre-primary education.
  • To ensure that 100% of school have high-quality teachers.

Framework of performance standards & indicators (page 17 on wards)

Kindly refer the pages 17 on wards and please develop your understanding of the terms used in it. After having reviewed, refer to the set of questions to choose best possible answer for the options given.

Performance standards

  • Students' achievement
  • Students' personal and social development, and their innovation skills
  • Teaching and assessment
  • Curriculum
  • The protection, care, guidance and support of students
  • Leadership and management

1. Students' Achievement

Kindly refer the booklet(pages 24 to 29) to demonstrate your understanding of important terms used. You might need to research to find information and develop your understanding of the terms being used in the section. 

Difference between Attainment and Progress.

What are international standards?

What are national standards?

What are the core subjects?

What in international benchmarking?

How do you come to know about a starting point of a pupil or pupils?

How would you be able to get a starting point of all pupils in a lesson?

How would you be able to chart progress during a lesson?

How would would you be able to chart progress of different groups of pupils?

How would be able to reflect progress of SEND child in your class?

What is Attainment?

  • It is the development of a pupil from his/her starting point.
  • It is similar to achievement.
  • Curriculum standards that students have reached usually by then end of a term or year

How do you chart progress of a pupil?

  • The marks that a pupils gets at the end of the term is progress of a pupil.
  • Progress means rank mentioned in the progress report.
  • Progress means percentage of marks achieved by a pupil.
  • Progress is distance traveled by a pupil from his starting point either in a lesson or in a term.

Provisions to develop learning skills

Learning Skills

What provisions have created in your class to facilitate independent learning?

Do you create opportunities in your classroom to develop interaction, collaboration and communication?

Do you connect your learning as an important skill useful in their life in various filed of study?

Do you embed innovation, creativity, research, critical thinking, enterprise and learning technologies in your session?

Do your pupils enjoy learning and reflect happiness to be in the school?

Following statements are on independent learning, mark them as true or false.

  • Independent learning means pupils do their work even when teacher is not in the class.
  • Independent learning means pupils working at home all alone.
  • Independent learning means pupils take support of internet but no the teacher.
  • Independent learning means pupils reflect trying without any help or support.
  • Independent learning reflects taking responsibility of learning.
  • Independent learning happens in teacher fronted classroom.
  • independent learning happens in student centered classroom.

2. Students' personal and social development, and their innovation skills (page 36)

In order to meet this standard, you would have to establish positive 'attitude', self-imposed control and cordial and respectful relationship with your pupils.

Instill better understanding of what is safe and to make better choices as far as safety of oneself and others is concerned. School is a small area in comparison to places outside school, hence instill habits that are safe for all. 

For example; Don't throw things to each other. Even a small pencil can cause harm to self and others , if not handled well. No running on stairs, corridors and in the classrooms. 

For example, teachers always greet other colleagues whenever they crossby. Pupils learn by seeing adults. Model best and professional behaviour at all times. Keep your words, a promise is a promise however small or whoever it is made. Kindly keep use diary, sticky notes, memos or reminders to help you remember- it is very important to keep your word. A teacher is looked upon by pupils as a person who is having highest standards of decorum in every field. Never let them down.

As a smart teacher make yourself aware of school policies (get e-copy of all policies), read them well and plan your strategies in alignment to school policies.

Enclosed are some of the questions that need research or rethinking before answering.


Pupils don't behave well in my class. I have used all strategy but it didn't work. I feel I need to take following actions-

  • Be strong and give strong punishment to unruly pupils.
  • Need to take help.
  • Keep writing in the diaries of all misbehaved pupils.
  • Call parents whenever pupils misbehave.

Untitled fill in the blanks question

I should useto control behaviour of pupils. If the behaviour of pupils is uncontrollable, I need to so that eventually pupils become better.