RMS 100-Data Processing Quiz


Database type is:

  • Manufacture
  • Retailer
  • Baby Panel
  • Cigarette Panel

Itemization is:

  • Based on total category
  • Checked on Val Share
  • Retailer’s private label will never be displayed in database
  • 4 Key Cities are involved

It is necessary to do testing for below requests:

  • To add or revise Special Reporting Lines
  • To reset the hierarchy level
  • New sales order for database setup
  • Modify period in database

Other brand database is:

  • Based on total category
  • Hierarchy is no attribute
  • Can release all MBD
  • Can be processed after BAU time

If CS needs tag-code match with item-code, need CS provides:

  • Client name
  • Category NO
  • The latest tag-code list
  • New_Database_Subscription_FORM