Aholddelhaize Security Awareness Training (EN)

During this course, you will get a good understanding of our policies on how we can protect company information in an easy and adequate manner. The content is split in 7 comprehensive videos and followed by a quiz of 7 questions which you can take after having watched all the videos.

Watch the videos

1. Acceptable Use

You need to transfer data to a partner or colleague; the file is too big to send it via email. How do you solve this?

  • You put it on your personal USB stick and give it to the person
  • You put it on the company file server where both have access or use ShareFile to exchange big files
  • You try to transfer the data via iCloud or Dropbox
Please select the correct answer

2. Asset Inventory and Management

What do you do with paper documents containing sensitive information that are no longer needed?

  • Put them in the bin under your desk; it gets emptied every night, so there is no risk of those documents getting in the wrong hands
  • Insert them in one of the dedicated secured containers or shred them using a cross-cut shredder
  • Leave them on your desk with all other papers, because only authorized employees should have access to the building anyway
Please select the correct answer

3. Logical Access Control

What is the best way to keep your password secure?

  • Write it down and always carry it on you
  • Memorise it or use a password manager
  • Tell it to a person you trust
Please select the correct answer

4. Patch Management

You’re working on an important document with a strict deadline, and suddenly you’re asked to reboot your computer. A new critical patch was installed on your computer and a reboot is needed. What do you do?

  • You ignore this request and continue working
  • You finish your running task that will not take more than 30 minutes and reboot your computer immediately after
Please select the correct answer

5. Security Event Monitoring

Depending on the classification of the information or system, special/extra activities are logged and maintained.

  • True
  • False
Choose true or false

6. Security Incident Management

Indicate which situations could constitute security incidents. One or more answers could apply.

  • Loss or theft of corporate laptop
  • Sharing of personal username and password with other individuals
  • Involuntary or unauthorised distribution of classified information through mail
Please select all answers that apply

7. Finally