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Top Freeware eLearning Authoring Tools (eLearning Industry)



There are many eLearning authoring tools on the market, and some of the most popular ones include Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate and Camtasia Studio 8. Many of these tools are expensive and can cost upwards of a $1,000 for a license. There are, however, some free eLearning authoring tools on the Internet, although not all are of good quality. In the article "Top 4 Freeware eLearning Authoring Tools in 2015", Katherine Brunt recommends four of the best free-to-use authoring tools. 

1. EasyGenerator 

EasyGenerator is an all-in-one program that lets you develop content, create assessments, customize design and publish your courses to a large number of devices and systems. No coding or installation is needed. 

Sample lesson: The Lava Lamp

2. CourseLab

Like EasyGenerator, CourseLab provides a WYSIWYG environment for creating interactive eLearning content. The latest version is a commercial product, but Version 2.4 is available for free.

 Sample lesson: First Aid for Electrical Accidents

3. GLO Maker

GLO Maker is an open source authoring tool. The program breaks up the authoring process into two parts: planning and designing. You create the storyline in the Planner, and design templates and screens in the Designer.

Sample lesson: Understanding decimals

4. SmartBuilder

Like EasyGenerator, SmartBuilder requires no installation. The community edition is available for free. You can create eLearning courses with rich media, assessments, branching scenarios and gaming elements.

Sample lesson: Effectively Communicating with Children


Question 1

 is a free eLearning authoring tool.

Question 2

  • GLO Maker is an open source authoring tool.
  • EasyGenerator is an open source authoring tool.
  • Adobe Captivate is an open source authoring tool.