Effective Project Management

Effective Project Management is a course that helps each project manager successfully achieve objectives through high standard planning, organisation, tools and strategies. 

Discover and apply project management tools and techniques

Which content will this module cover?

Before commencing a task, which ever task it is, there are some basic tools and techniques that you need to be familiar with, tools that will need to be correctly selected to ensure that the precise task is undergone effectively and the desired outcome is achieved. This applies to Project Management as well.

This module will cover a range of Strategies that will help manage risk and other key points in project planning, Techniques such as project budgeting and cost breakdown and even Tools like Gantt Charts and Project Management Software which can be used to initiate a project from scratch and close out the project as effectively as possible.

Correctly selecting these tools and techniques for their application might seem tricky and at times even dangerous for the project, that’s why this module also covers methods of selection of techniques and strategies as well as some recommendations of tools for a project.

  • Project Management Tools
  • Project Management Techniques
  • Project Management Strategies
  • Project Management Tools, Techniques and Strategies