Induction Training

Professionals New Member Induction Training Course is designed as a self-paced online learning experience that provides insight and detailed information to help onboard real estate businesses into the Professionals family.


Professionals was born of the idea that real estate agencies could get more from collaborating than from acting independently or paying high fees to franchise groups that were only interested in lining the pockets of its shareholders.

6 independent agency Principals in Brisbane met at the Brekky Creek Hotel in 1976, wanting to create buying power in the local Courier Mail. From this concept, they created The Professionals, known today as Professionals Real Estate.

Through their own tenacity and ingenuity, the Membership Group grew to having Members throughout Australasia, with independent Head Offices servicing the needs of their state-based Membership and New Zealand.

Without doubt, the flat-fee model that was created, was effective in attracting high-performing Members. The flat-fee model is still used today and is one of the foundational pillars of ensuring that Members are the number on priority of the Group.

What year was Professionals born?

  • 1796
  • 1967
  • 1976

What was the goal of Professionals' founders?

  • To collaborate in a united front for the purpose of getting better real estate advertising rates
  • To create a club for agents that could meet for lunch on a regular basis
  • To create a franchise that would generate large profits for its shareholders

Select the option that relates to the core fee-structure of Professionals

  • 10% of all commission generated by the office is paid in levies to the Head Office
  • Members pay a per-salesperson fee to the corporate office for the use of the marks and logos
  • Professionals was built on a flat-fee model to ensure value was created for Members, not for shareholders

PIC Basics

Video training

Navigating PIC

This video will demonstrate how to navigate PIC as a Member User. There are different types of Users - Members and Staff. Please ensure you're logged in as your Office Login when following these instructions.