Data Protection and Confidentiality Training Course

Data Protection and confidentiality is a crucial part of our business. 

This online guide will help you to learn how to identify and deal with situations as they arise. 

Confidentiality Guide

Information Protection

Information Protection


  • Safeguard your username, password and any other access credentials you use for Vacation Noire system 
  • If you use your smartphone to correspond or send information to clients it must be protected, use your password protection. 
  • Never leave your computer unattended (unlocked) 
  • Do not relay more information than what is necessary
  • Destroy all credit card information, DO NOT STORE IT. After use it is to be immediately destroyed. 
  • A shredder is a great investment! 
  • Report any security incidents or privacy breaches that you observe or become aware of as soon as possible.

As an Independent Contractor YOU are responsible for the financial information you collect. 


It is always a good idea to run anti virus software on your PC. 



Client Protection

Client Protection 

All client information is considered confidential

  • Be careful not to share a clients trip details such as where they are going, when they are leaving and/or who they are going with.
  • Never share a clients trip details or photos on social media without first asking them if you may do so. Most clients will not mind but please be certain.
  • Of course we do not share clients financial information but we also do not share the price they paid, how or when they paid for a vacation. 
  • Also be considerate of clients legal names, home city and birthday. May clients alter their personal details online for reasons that are none of our concern. Be respectful of their right to be incognito! 

The overly private client

Occasionally you will meet clients that are VERY private. Those clients value working with people who they can trust, they would often rather pay a premium price than deal with someone they are unsure of. Maintain their level of complete privacy and you will have a client for life! 

Business Protection

Business Protection

  • Never give our/your login information to anyone for any reason! 
  • Never allow anyone to view our booking engine, leads or any other proprietary systems. 
  • Never share with anyone they types of systems we use or our workflow, this includes booking engines, lead systems, quoting software, documents and forms. 
  • As a travel agency it is our business and our right to create pricing, never share the actual wholesale price of a vacation with anyone. 
  • If a client or travel agent has questions about our internal business practices be cordial but evasive. 
  • Do not send screen shots of booking engine pages, leads or anything else that is only for internal use. 

Travel sales is a very competitive business. There will be instances where you are approached by people who pretend to be clients or friendly agents but who are really just scoping out the competition. Be careful to not inadvertently give away too much information. 

Protecting Yourself

Protecting Yourself

  • As an Independent Contractor you are considered as being your own business. Although Vacation Noire will do everything possible to make working with us easy there are some things you must do on your end and that you should do to make your contract work in your favor. 
  • Keep track of your bookings; this may include booking numbers, client names and contact info, trip dates etc, it should also include the amount of commission earned. 
  • Keep track of your earnings; a 1099 will be filed for any agent who earns over $600 in a calendar year but ultimately it is your responsibility to report your earnings. 
  • Never pay for a clients booking with your own credit card. It is in fact a breach of contract to do so. Not only that but there have been many instances of travel agents losing money to clients because they tried to be "nice" and hold a booking for them. 
  • Keep track of correspondence especially if there is an issue with a client or reservation. Many times solving issues comes down to having documentation of what was said by a client or offered by a supplier. 


You do not have to book a client you don't feel good about working with. Better to lose a sale than to gain a headache.

If you are unsure of something that you are attempting to do STOP. Agents are never penalized for not knowing! Ask and either we will teach you or we will figure it out together. 

Double Check Everything

Double check and check again! A simple error with inputting information can become a huge issue. A misspelled name could mean a client missing a flight, incorrect payment could mean overdrawing someones bank account. Errors are not always correctable so please double check. 


Breaches of workplace confidentiality can result in a range of problems. Customers tend not to work with companies they think are untrustworthy, and consumers may specifically warn people away from companies that have mishandled private information.

This course has been produced so that employees are aware of the ways dealing with confidential information and keeping company data safe. 

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