Furlenco's Business Ethics & Compliance Session

This ethics training will help you understand the different ethical dilemmas typical at a workplace and the do's & don't's. The module is focused on setting expectations of behavior in various context so that it helps you to spot issues/ grey areas of business conduct and make the right choices. By the end of the module, you will also understand the various platforms available at Furlenco to voice concerns.

Business Ethics & Complaince_The Furlenco Way

Why Ethics & Compliance?

Furlenco's Code of Conduct as defined in Furlenco Way outlines standards of personal and professional conduct and behaviour that all employees must uphold at all times. We are a Zero Tolerance Company which means we need to the adhere to fundamental values: integrity, honesty, courtesy, fairness, and respect towards colleagues. 

Breach of this code will result in disciplinary action, including dismissal.

Furlenco Way

  • Respect and accept diversity 
  • Harassment, bullying, violence or intimidation of any nature is unacceptable
  • Avoid gossips and spreading rumours harming the employee morale
  • Protect individual privacy
  • Equal Employment - We do not discriminate on the basis of race, colour,religion or beliefs, national, social or ethnic origin, sex, orientation, age, orphysical disability

  • Avoid Conflicts of Interest 
  • Ensure Financial Integrity and Responsibility - Ensure that money is appropriately spent, our financial records, asset records are complete and accurate. 
  • Obey the Law - Comply with all applicable legal requirements and understand the major laws and regulations that apply to your work.

  • Furlenco is the exclusive owner of all Intellectual Property i.e. created by or for the Company or included in any Product manufactured by /for the company.
  • You will keep information confidential and shall not disclose to any third party, and shall use all reasonable endeavours to prevent the use,publication or disclosure by or to any third party of any information,whether in writing or any other form,

Read the Furlenco Way on Furlenco's Intranet Portal: janta.furlenco.com >> HR Policies

Quiz: The Code of Conduct defines standards of personal and professional conduct and behaviour expected from the employee. Click on all that is covered as part of Code of Conduct

  • Ethics, Prevention of Sexual Harassment, IP
  • Bullying, Workplace Harassment, Conflict of Usage, IP
  • Only option A
  • Only option B
  • A & B

Quiz: Code of Conduct

  • Code of Conduct is also known as
    Furlenco Way
  • Intranet Portal of Furlenco

Quiz: A job requires extensive travel. One of the candidates has excellent relevant experience but is a single parent. I feel such a situation would significantly hinder this candidate’s ability to cope with the job requirement. What should I do?

  • Do not consider the candidature, as you are setting the candidate for failure in future
  • Give the candidate a fair chance to prove himself

Why this training?


Be aware of Code of Conduct and expected behaviours

       Speak Up and raise concerns

To Whom does it apply?

All employees 

(On rolls/ Third Party)


Consultants & Interns

What we will Cover

I. Ethics in our Business Activities

A. Conflict of Interest

  • Gifts and Entertainment

B. Confidential Information

C. Intellectual Property

D. Protecting Assets

E. Health & Safety

II. Asking for help and voicing concerns

III Case Examples

IV. Quiz 

High level guidelines

  • Act such that it is fair to all.

  • Ask, “ Would I feel comfortable explaining to an audience why I took this action?” 

  • Ask, if it is the truth?

Quiz:Furlenco's Code of Conduct & Code of Ethics is applicable to

  • Employees of Furlenco (on rolls/ off rolls)
  • Interns
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • All of the above

Ethics in our Business Activities

Conflict of Interest

Divided Loyalties 

It exists when your benefit interferes in any way with the interests of the Organization.

Some indicative examples

Video 1

Video 2

Gift & Entertainment

The above Guidelines to help you make a decision while accepting decisions: This should help you take a decision in accordance with the ‘Furlenco Way’. However, if you still have doubts, you should always check with your manager or HR.


As a general rule, we may accept gifts or hospitality from a business associate, only if such a gift:

- has modest value and does not create a perception (or an implied obligation) that the giver is entitled to preferential treatment of any kind;

- would not influence, or appear to influence, our ability to act in the best interest of our company;

- would not embarrass our company or the giver if disclosed publicly

Confidential Information

Any information which is not available to the public is strictly confidential. 

Furlenco trusts its employees, to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive, non-public information that they have access to. 

Intellectual Property

Protecting Our Assets: Guidelines

Properly Using Assets

When using Organization equipment, property, and facilities, do so responsibly and only for work-related purposes. You must also ensure that Organization assets are not stolen, used improperly, abused, or wasted.

Immediately report any suspected incident of fraud, theft, or misuse involving Organization property or assets. Reports will be investigated.

Health & Safety: Guidelines

Report any accidents or injuries, and never ignore unsafe equipment, practices, or conditions.

  • Be aware that any aggressive or violent conduct is unacceptable at work.

  • Never come to work under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. 

Quiz: I recently met a friend from another start-up and he asked me to help him in designing a process as a consultant. The start-up is not in Furniture industry and the work I do with them is only on weedkends or post office hours. Can I take it up?

  • Ofcourse, I have earned my time off and can work as a consultant if its not in the same industry as Furlenco
  • I need to discuss the opportunity

Quiz:  You are in a relationship with a colleague who has been recently moved into your team and would now be reporting to you. What should you do?

  • Nothing, what I do in my personal life is not the Company's concern
  • Discuss with Manager/ HR

Quiz: You are the purchasing manager of your company. You receive an invitation from a supplier to attend a premier sporting event. Should you accept the invitation?

  • I am friends with the supplier and the invitation is outside work hours. I would definitely attend
  • No. I should not accept the invitation in this instance.

Quiz: You head the procurement function and in order to complete a project within the targeted costs, you intend to request your supplier to provide an exceptional discount on this project on the understanding to “make it up to him” in future. Is it ok?

  • Yes, I am acting in the best interest of the company by reducing the cost
  • No, I will be under a liability or personal favor, and to make up for the exceptional one-time discount, I would have to favor the vendor in the future resulting in conflict of interest

Asking for help and voicing concerns

As employees, what are our choices?

  • Ignore Business Abuse and Rationalize it away
  • Speak Up - Discuss to Clarify Issue & Blow the Whistle!

Whistleblower Policy

The Whistleblower policy:

  • Lays down the process to raise a ‘Complaint' incase of any process violation or a potential violation.

  • Lays down the processes to safeguard the person raising a Complaint

  • Defines the timelines for all processes to be followed.

Complaints related to Unethical and Improper Practices will be dealt to be emailed to

[email protected]lenco.com

Any complaints related to sexual harassment will be forwarded to [email protected]

Quiz: My supervisor has asked me to do something which I believe may be illegal. I am afraid if I do not do what I am told, I could lose my job. Should I do it?

  • Yes, after all my manager has approved it
  • No, I need to highlight this to HR or to the Ethics Committee

Quiz: I feel that my supervisor is treating me unfairly for reporting a concern to the Ethics Committee. What should I do?

  • Report It
  • Move Out



When faced with a dilemma: Stop, Think, Act Responsibly