Yammer Quiz - August 2017

How much have you learned from Yammer?

This quiz will help you to retain the updates for the month of August 2017.

Try not to use Woogle or Yammer if you can!

This months quiz is made up of 10 quizzes and you will need to free type your answers in the relevant field if is is not a multiple choice question. 

Please complete this quiz by Friday  15th September 2017. 

Please note that at the end of the quiz, it will state you have all the answers correct. This is not the case due to setting restrictions. I will contact you all with the answers and scores individually.

If you have any questions before you start, please let me know.


Test your Yammer update knowledge!

1. Are the tick boxes on this Authorisation Form OK to accept?

  • Yes
  • No

2. Name a staff member that is multilingual and can speak to the customer if requested

3. If a Spanish phone number is in Alpha, what country code would you use if you needed to call them?

4. What does the RED line in the history tab mean?

5. If the customer has not completed the legal questions when applying, what status should you set them to so that they can then complete the questions?

6. Who issues out L letters to customers?

7. If you need to send a customer a WooHoo or IRD form, where would you find these?

8. If a customer needs to prepay the fee for a Part Year return because they have Student Loan debt, then what must you make the customer aware of before you set the tag so an invoice can be issued out?

9. Ooooh this customer has quite a nice refund of $2403.22 waiting to be confirmed! Hmmm we have an issue though.. What do we need before getting the credit released?

10. We have just sent out debt notifications to customers who have debt due in February and April 2017. A customer contacts you to ask for how to pay their 2017 Income tax debt . What is the payee code they should use?