O365 Users > Change of email address (English)

The Change of email address consists in:

This eLearning describes which actions have to be done by participants of the Office 365 pilot in the Change of email address.


/!\ Do not forget to read the section "Other impacts" /!\

Impact on PC = Outlook 2010 Client

To be done

Remove Outlook 2010 credentials

Remove Outlook 2010 profile

Uninstall Outlook 2010

Install and Configure Outlook 2010 (last version)

Impact on PC = Skype for Business Client

To be done

Delete existing credentials

Change the credentials

Impact on Michelin Smartphone

To be done

ANDROID > Clean your smartphone

ANDROID > Configure Email, Calendar, Contacts

ANDROID > Configure Skype

ANDROID > Configure OneDrive

iPHONE > Clean your smartphone

iPHONE > Configure Email, Calendar, Contacts

iPHONE > Configure Skype

iPHONE > Configure OneDrive

Other impacts

List of other impacts