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The IS Role



Today we will be looking at:

-The WileyPLUS E4 Platform


-Examples of Instructor Requests

Meet Your IS Team

Meet Your Team

Our current IS team is a mixture of former educators, technical gurus and publishing know-it-alls. Welcome to the team!  Implementation Specialists wear many different hats – but our main goal is to support our WileyPLUS customers and set them up through success by providing training on our WileyPLUS platform –whether it be in a group or one-on-one session. Click on the video to the left to meet David, a senior IS!

Who we Work With

How we Contribute to WIley Publishing

Reducing Churn

The IS team trains instructors, and are constantly checking-in and creating a relationship to make sure they are confident and renewable WileyPLUS users!

Our Competitors

Which publishing companies has a 1-1 ratio of Account Manager to Implementation Specialist?


  • Providing information to the account manager to help in the pre-sales stages
  • Providing training, resources and support to WileyPLUS users
  • Reducing churn
  • Providing content-expertise in the WileyPLUS coureses
What are the main duties of an Implementation Specialist?

WileyPLUS Basics

WileyPLUS e4 Platform


WileyPLUS (known as E4) is our traditional learning platform. You will hear it referred to as "E4" and "E4 standalone" from your team, but instructors might just call it plain old "WileyPLUS."

Course Administrator Tab

Course Admin Tab

The Course Admin tab is where you can add new instructors to the WileyPLUS course, and create new WileyPLUS class sections. 

Prepare & Present Tab

Prepare & Present Tab

This tab is not student facing! It contains solutions manuals, powerpoint and other helpful materials for instructors to facilitate their course.

Read, Study & Practice Tab

Read, Study & Practice

Home of the E-textbook, study materials and other practice problems for students!

Assignments Tab

Assignments Tab

This tab is where instructors will create and deploy homework, or choose Wiley pre-created assignments. 

Gradebook Tab

Gradebook Tab

The gradebook tab is the central grad hub for WileyPLUS. This tab is also where instructors can reset, allow access, or extend due dates for students for specific assignments. 


WileyPLUS with ORION

Please view the video above to view the benefits of ORION for students.

ORION Instructor View

Shown are the reports and settings available to Instructors in the ORION instructor view. 

Untitled content

Class Section Check-Ins

  • Through the WileyPLUS Course Admin Tab
  • Only by an Account Manager using Salesforce
  • Only Implementation Specialists can create new class sections
How can a new WileyPLUS class section be created?


WileyPLUS with ORION for Students

Please watch a video above to see a demonstration of WileyPLUS ORION for students, and view all available benefits this adaptive practice tool has to offer.

ORION Instructor View

ORION from the instructor view allows instructors to view student reports, and turn off specific learning objectives by chapters so students don't practice material unrelated to class activities. 

WileyPLUS Content Areas

  • E-Text
    Read, Study & Practice
  • Solutions Manuals
    Prepare & Present
  • Student Roster
    Class Section Info
  • Pre-created Wiley homework

Adminterface Basics

How We Investigate Concerns

WileyPLUS Domains and Adminterface

If an instructor comes to you with a complaint or request, it will be necessary to access their WileyPLUS classroom. By the end of the next module, you will have an understanding of WileyPLUS domains and how to access them using Adminterface!

The WileyPLUS Domain

The WileyPLUS Domain

Each school has a WileyPLUS domain for any adapted title/editions. All instructors will share this "domain" but only administrators can see all instructor classes and materials. Each WileyPLUS domain starts with edugen.domain/ 5 unique numbers.

Adminterface User Search

Adminterface User Search

A user search will allow you to access all active and past WileyPLUS domains connected to a instructor's name.

Adminterface Domains Tab

Domains Tab

Choosing a PFE (product family edition) will pull up all available WileyPLUS domains for this tile/edition.

The WileyPLUS Product ID

The Product ID can be found in the domains tab, and always stats with "EPROF."

WileyPLUS Administrators

WileyPLUS Administrators

Unlike regular insructors in the domain WileyPLUS Administratos can:

-Create New Class Sections

-Add a New Instructor to the Domain

-See and Deploy Homework to Sections taught by other Instructors

Steps to Changing a WP Admin:

1. Find the domain in the "domains" tab of adminterface

2. Click on the domain title

3. Insert the new Admin

4. Click Submit

Where can I change the WileyPLUS administrator?

  • Conducting a "user" search in adminterface
  • The Account Manager must be informed so they can alter it in salesforce
  • Using the "Domains" tab in adminterface
  • WileyPLUS administrators cannot be changed

What is the EPROF code for Kieso 16?

  • EPROF57394
  • EPROF11894
  • EPROF66342
  • EPROF13980

Final Assessment

The Case of Professor Orange

Now it is time to test your skills! Below is an email from a WileyPLUS instructor. 


Hello Wiley IS,

I need help! I'm teaching three sections this fall, and my WileyPLUS course has not been set up! Can you please open 3 new courses for me to use? I will be teaching ACCT 2304 Sections 1-3. Also, I'm our old WileyPLUS administrator has retired. Can you please appoint me as the new administrator? 



Jane Orange, Ph.D

University of Central Oklahoma




What is the first step to help Professor Orange?

  • Send the request to your Account Manager so they can open 3 class sections through SalesForce
  • Ask for her WileyPLUS domain URL so you can access her course
  • Complete a user search in Adminterface to access her course domain
  • Email Jane back to ask if she is the WileyPLUS administrator for her schooo

Setting up 3 class sections

Which WileyPLUS tab should you access to add 3 class sections for Professor Orange?

Changing the Course Admin

  • The Admin tab within WileyPLUS
  • The Domain Tab in Adminterface
  • Through a User Search in Adminterface
What IS tool tab should you access to change the WileyPLUS administrator?

Your Turn!

Final Activity

Now that you've gone through the steps of helping Professor Orange, it is time that you try it yourself! Create three new screenshots in Professor Orange's WileyPLUS class, and update the administrator. Send screenshots of both to your IS senior partner so they can verify your work!