School of WooHoo - Chapter 8: Tax Returns - Activity 5

Welcome to Chapter 8: Tax Returns - Activity 5

After completing this chapter, you will be able to evaluate if the customer has a tax return requirement. You will also be able to demonstrate a good understanding on explaining to a customer the requirements and stress the importance of completing a tax return so that they meet their tax obligations.

If you get an answer incorrect, it will tell you the correct answer and on occasion, a further explanation. Please do not attempt the question again, just move on to the next question.

Use your resources such as Woogle wisely and ensure you fully read the question before answering.

Good luck!

Chapter 8: Tax Returns

1. Holiday Houses

  • Holiday houses are regarded as mixed use assets for tax purposes.
  • A mixed-use asset is a property, boat or aircraft that during the tax year, it's used for both private use and income-earning use, and it's also unused for 89 days or more.
  • The key difference between a Holiday House and BNB is someone's personal home and a holiday house is a secondary residence that is not lived in permanently.

2. What can Fishermen claim expenses for?

3. Uber Drivers - Choose the correct word to complete the sentence

An Uber taxi driver owns their own vehicle and registers with Uber to drive their customers who use their .

An Uber drivers tax status is and they will fall into our Package.

Uber drivers earn income directly from Uber (rather than from the customer itself).  This income is taxable.  As the taxi drivers are self-employed, no withholding tax is deducted from the payment to the Uber driver. 

They can claim expenses such as:

  • Registering with Uber
  • Vehicle expenses
  • Mobile phone expenses
  • Internet expenses
  • Home office expenses