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Learn all there is to know when it comes to telling our members about our new membership tier - Winc Select!

Winc Select

What is Winc Select

Read how we describe Winc Select in the Support Center article What is Winc Select? reproduced below and then answer the following True/False questions.

Winc Select is our new membership tier that allows you to upgrade your monthly recommendations to include only our most special, higher-end wines. You’ll still receive wines selected by our Palate Profile quiz to uniquely match your taste. The only difference will be that those wines will be chosen from only our best bottles. You can also still manually add any featured $13 bottles to your order! It's a whole new world of wine!

*These wines start at $14+ There is no additional membership or upgrade fee. All eligible discounts still apply.

  • When you opt in to Winc Select, we’ll automatically recommend you any of our wines from $13-$35.
  • Winc Select refers to bottles $14+
  • Once you opt in to Winc Select, you forego the personalized recommendations the Palate Profile quiz set you up for. Instead, you’ll just be recommended any $14+ bottles currently available.
  • Winc Select includes absolutely no upgrade fee, and you can opt out at any time.

Currently, we have  membership tiers to choose from. These are  and .

With Winc Featured, we recommend bottles to you exclusively at the  price point. And with Winc Select, we recommend bottles from .

Winc Select for Michigan Residents

Michigan Residents in Winc Select

Due to Michigan law, there are strict shipping restrictions. Currently, all Michigan members need to be opted into Winc Select. Stephanie, Sharie and a blast email recently notified our members of this.

As of Jan 1st, 2017, those that agreed to upgrade to Winc Select began their membership as Winc Select members. This also unfortunately means that most Winc Featured bottles ($13 bottles) cannot be selected for Michigan Residents. They may only see and order $14+ Winc Select bottles.

We are working with Michigan policymakers to hopefully find an alternate solution soon!

Currently, our active, existing  residents may only be  members. This also means that they cannot pick most bottles from any of the . They may only order from the .

Winc Select in 1425

Please select all correct statements regarding Winc Select in 1425.

  • It’s easy to tell whether or not a member is part of the Winc Select tier by the ribbon icon next to their name in 1425.
  • You can opt a member in or out in 1425 under the Subscription tab.
  • If a member wants to opt in or out of Winc Select, you can do so one of three ways: 1. In 1425 2. Via the Winc Select landing page at 3. Within their account under My Membership If you are opting the member in using option 2 or 3, you'll want to use an incognito window.
  • After opting a member in and out of Winc Select, you should double check their Recommendation Settings have been updated correctly under their account in

Winc Select in a Member's Account

Please select the correct statements regarding Winc Select in a member's account.

  • You can find the Winc Select options under the Account Settings tab.
  • You can opt in or out of Winc Select from within a member’s account by heading to the My Membership tab.

Opting In and Out on

If you opt in or opt out of Winc Select via the landing page or under My Membership > Advanced Settings, you will see a notification banner for when you .

Winc Featured vs Winc Select Pt. 1

  • Winc Featured
    With this tier, you will only be automatically recommended bottles at $13.
  • Winc Select
    With this tier, you will be exclusively recommended our best bottles at $14+.

Winc Featured vs Winc Select Pt. 2

  • Which tier(s) allow(s) you to receive personalized recommendations based on the results of your Palate Profile and ratings?
  • With which tier(s) might you be recommended these wines: Endgame Chardonnay, 2016 Porter & Plot Sauvignon Blanc, 2015 Objet d'Art Pinot Noir?
    Winc Select
  • With which tier might you be automatically recommended these wines: 2016 Cocomero Rosé, 2016 Alma Libre Red Blend, 2016 Cape Route Chenin Blanc?
    Winc Featured

Winc Featured vs Winc Select Pt. 3

Drag and drop the tier name to its correct description.

  • Winc Featured
  • Winc Select

What are all the benefits of Winc Select?

Select all correct statements.

  • No upgrade fee.
  • You are recommended the best wines we offer based on your Palate Profile and ratings.
  • You do get recommended our most elevated wines. However, it is unfortunately at the expense of your personalized tastes as the Palate Profile quiz and ratings no longer apply.
  • You can still add any $13 bottles you wish to your box. You are not required to receive the $14+ bottles we'll recommend every month.
  • No strings attached. You may opt out at any time.

Who would be a good candidate for Winc Select?

Choose whether or not you believe the described members would be good candidates for Winc Select.

  • The member only really likes sweet wines.
  • The member’s history shows that they often order six bottles or more and of varying prices.
  • The member is chatting in to cancel due to cost.
  • The member says that they prefer Pinot Noir and higher-end wines.
  • The member has expressed concern over the quality of some of the wines they’ve received so far.
  • The member says that at 4 bottles totaling over $50, the membership is a little expensive for them already.
  • The member wants to try wines they haven’t been recommended before, but they want to make sure they’re still personalized to their tastes.

Winc Select Resources

Support Center

You can read about Winc Select at anytime!

Find more in the external Support Center article: What is Winc Select?

And in the internal Support Center article: What is Winc Select?


Stephanie Guastella, Head of Member Engagement, is also an excellent resource as she spearheads the Winc Select program.

You can reach her via email at [email protected] or via Slack @stephanie