One Touch Video Chat Admin Training

To get your company started, you have been assigned as an admin user. This training session will show you how to setup your company as well as maintain changes ongoing. 

Note: If you want to see the "Agent View" you should take the "End User" training course as well. 

In this section you will learn how to setup, manage and administer the One Touch Video Chat dashboard.


The One Touch Video Chat platform can be accessed through the secured link at

Note: The link MUST have the https and will not work if it's just http. You will not get any videos to come through if you are not using the secured link. 

You will login with the email and password that your admin has assigned to you for video chat. 

Note: One Touch Brands will setup the admin users for the first time, you will receive an email from One Touch Brands with a link to setup your password. 

Browser: Video chat technology must be used with Google Chrome or Firefox. The streaming video will not work in Safari and/or Internet Explorer as they do not support live video. 

Understanding the Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

The admin users will have a different level of access than "agent" access. The following items is the difference in admin users vs. agent users. 

  • Ability to add/remove/modify agents
  • Ability to reset agent passwords
  • Ability to see status (in consult/available) agents
  • Ability to see all personal ID's for everyone in company
  • Ability to add/modify groups and add/modify members of groups
  • Ability to see company wide reporting (agent view is their PID and groups they are a member of only). 

Manage Agents

Manage Agents

This screen allows you to do the following: 

-Setup new users

-Modify users

-Reset the passwords for users

-See all users personal ID's

-See all users status

To Add A New User

The screens below will walk you through how to add a new user to the portal. 

Edit Agent 

Edit agent allows you to do the following: 

- Change user information (except email address)

- Reset a users password

- Add a user to individual groups

Manage Groups

Manage Groups

This section will show you how to manage, add and edit groups (contact reason routing). You will learn the following: 

- How to add groups

- How to modify groups

- How to add/modify agents in groups

Edit Group

This section will show you how to modify an existing group. 

Add New Group

To add a new group, assign members and make the group live. 



This section will show you both the full Consult History and Consumer Reporting. The reporting is available to run within our portal and/or export to a .csv file. Only admin users have access to run company wide reporting across all users and groups. Agents do not have the ability to export reporting and/or see anything outside of their direct code and/or groups in which they are members in. 

Consult History

The Consult History tab in reporting allows you to view/filter/search on the transactions. 

Consumer Report 

The Consumer Report tab shows detailed information on when consumers' signed up for the mobile app, how many times they have connected and if there were any missed calls. 

Preparing for Go Live (UAT)

Things to Consider Before Go-Live 

Once you have setup your company's portal and your mobile application is live/ready, there are a few things to test to make sure your setup was done correctly and you are ready to take the technology out to your customers. This will have been tested by One Touch Brands, however, it is good during the UAT process to make sure you understand the system and it's ready to take to your customers. 

1. Confirm Users Are Setup/Ready to Go

Confirm with the end users that you setup, they have received their password setup emails and have created a password for their account. The email that is generated from One Touch Brands (the secured password link to setup) is only good for 48 hours. Make sure your team clicks on the link to confirm their email and sets up a password. 

Hint: If for some reason they did not set it up or they were out when the email went out, you can go into "edit agent" and click on "reset password" to generate it again. 

2. Checking Group Routing

Go into your mobile app (AppStore or Google PlayStore) and signup as a consumer (Sign Up button). Hint: Make sure you use a different email that your admin account email address. 

Select a "contact reason" within the mobile app and check your video routing. Have the users that are in the group you selected, confirm they can see the video call come in under the "pending group consults". Have the users that are NOT in this group, confirm they could NOT see the call. 

Hint: if any of the users report they could or could not see it, you will need to go into "edit group" and confirm their name in that group if they should or should not have seen the video call. 

3. Checking Personal ID Routing 

Go into the "Manage Agents" tab within the portal. This will show you all the users you have setup and each direct ID associated with the user. 

- Write down a couple of direct ID's of users you want to test. 

- Make sure the user is logged in

- Enter their direct ID in the mobile app. 

- Confirm it comes up in their "My Queue"

Hint: if you want to make sure the back up routing is good, have them not pickup the video call, watch on the mobile app, you will get two (hold messages), then the user will see the video call go away in their "my queue" and the other users will see it come into the "pending group" queue. Have another users accept the video call. 

4. Desktop Notifications

When a user first logs into the portal (Chrome or Firefox) they will get an "accept notifications" pop up. They will need to click "yes/ok" to allow us to send them notifications of calls in the queue. 

Once this has been done correctly, as long as they have the tab up in their internet browser (and they are on anything else than our portal) they will get a desktop notification pop out when someone comes into the queue (personal or group). 

Note: you will NOT get desktop notification if you are on the dashboard screen since you are actively on the page. 

5. Hours of Operation

Your company provided us with hours of operation in which you should be able to take video calls. In order to test the "hours of operation", you should go into the mobile app outside of the hours of operation to confirm you cannot connect to video and you get the "hours of operation" message prior to connecting. 

6. Reporting

As you are conducting the above testing, you should yourself and/or the users conducting this testing confirm the following: 

- The verbiage on the Customer Survey is correct

- The verbiage on the Agent Survey is correct

Note: take all the surveys during testing so you can see the data/results

- Export a .csv file once you have some data so you can see how the report looks


This completes the admin training portion. Please follow up with your One Touch Video Chat account manager if you have questions and/or require further training.