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In this course you will learn about how brain tumors are formed and their symptoms.

What is a brain tumor?

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How do brain tumors form?

A brain tumor forms when the cells clump together to form a mass known as a brain tumor.

The most common type of brain tumors begin in the glial cells. These cells are the support cells in the brain.

Types of brain tumors.

Brain tumors can be benign; which means they do not contain cancer cells, or they are malignant which means they are a type of cancer. 

Symptoms of brain tumors

The most common symptoms are headaches, which are usually worse in the morning, seizures, changes in personality, nausea or vomiting, changes in speech or vision, problems balancing or walking or problems with memory.

Contact a doctor!

It is important to contact a doctor or health professional if you develop any of these symptoms. 

Ask VIVA about brain tumors!

Brain Tumors

When cells grow and multiply out of control in the brain they can form into cancerous or benign tumors. Common symptoms of brain tumors are headaches, seizures, changes in personality, nausea, changes in speech or vision, problems walking or balancing or problems with memory. 

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Maddie's story.

At age 6 Maddie noticed she was having vision problems. At age 20 she had lost vision in her left eye and a doctor's consult told her she had a malignant brain tumor. Apart from her vision loss the tumor also affects her life in other ways. Sometimes at work, Maddie gets disoriented or has seizures which are symptoms of her tumor. 

She get an MRI every month to check on the tumor and hopes to get a surgery that will remove the tumor as soon as possible.

What types of brain tumors are there?

  • Benign and malignant
  • Big and small
  • Cancerous and normal

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Strategies for preventing and healing brain tumors.

Consider these tips for preventing and healing brain tumors. 

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