Welcome aboard ! Induction program 2018





Hi there! Welcome to Acharya Induction Program 2018 !

We are glad that you choose to be a part of this thriving 12,000 strong learning and teaching community. 

Every Acharyan, be it a student or a teacher brings a strong sense of responsibility and accountability to this diverse community. 

In order to complete the induction program at Acharya it is mandatory. 

Completion of this course also ensures your name is formally entered into the student attendance register.

Good luck with the course!

An M-Learning initiative by AES



Your first few days at Acharya

Make new friends from 60 plus countries !

The first few days at any new place can feel a bit unfamiliar. Try and stay open minded ,Acharya is home to students from more than 60 countries.

Here are a few things you could do first on campus

  • Remember first impression is everything !
  • Say "hello" with a smile. Introduce yourself.
  • Meet the relevant faculty in your department.
  • Don't hesitate, Ask a lots of questions.
  • Discuss about course goals with your Proctor.
  • Visit the Acharya central Library.
  • Consider learning French or German at AES.

Managing your free time on Acharya Campus

What can you do during breaks?

Acharya is a 120 acre, WiFi campus. There are plenty of serene spots for you to sit down and read if you have some free time during breaks:

  1. Most students say they like to have a quick bite during breaks at the L7H cafe' on campus.
  2. Other students like to find a spot and share their lunch boxes with as they discuss class assignments.
  3. Many students make notes or create project reports at the fully equipped Acharya central library.
  4. Focus on your thoughts, go to the Cafe' on campus, sip on some coffee, listen to music.
  5. Every year loads of movies are shot on Acharya campus, you could take a quick peek if you like.

How would you direct someone if they ask..

  • Where is Acharya Central Library?
    Right in the middle of campus,near the volleyball courts.
  • Where is Acharya Institute of English & Foreign Languages?
    Above the Central Library, you must use a long stairway.
  • Where is the L7H Cafe' on Acharya Campus?
    Adjacent to the college of Pharmacy (ABMRCP)
  • Where is the on-campus health center located?
    Near the Basketball court, adjacent to the volleyball courts.

Acharya Education Services (AES) runs regular on-campus courses in which of the following areas?

  • English, intermediate, Advanced English
  • English, French, German
  • English, French, Spanish
  • English, French, Dutch