Salesforce for Account Managers

As an Account Manager, your day-to-day will be structured around your interaction with Salesforce. 

This course covers the key aspects of the tools in your arsenal, from using your Partner Report as your game plan, to measuring your success.

Partner Accounts for Account Managers

Account Detail

Account Information

Business Plan

Opportunities and Contacts

Active Notes

Adding Users to Training

What is the best way to find out what the outcome was of a conversation you had with a Partner 6 months ago?

Where do you go to access Litmos, so you can set Users up on Receipt Bank's Training courses?

Your Partner Report




Other than assessing day-by-day, how can you know where you'll get business plans down the line?

Which field records which of your Partners are higher priority than others?

The Account Management Dashboard

What is the Account Management Dashboard?

Which Report shows the number of Clients churned this week?

Which Report shows how many clients each AM has added this month?

Notes, Tasks and Events

Tasks and Events