Vennli Overview

This course will teach you the basics of Vennli's Methodology

1 Secret to Developing an Integrated Growth Strategy

1 Secret To Developing An Integrated Growth Strategy

What's the the secret to developing an integrated growth strategy?

The Power of Focusing on a Specific Point of View


POV Questions

Overview Video

Overview Video

Growth Case Process


Growth Case Process Questions

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Strategy Planning
In this phase, after some time has passed from the initial surveying, we send out the survey again.
Research Planning
In this phase, after doing an initial analysis of the data, we create a presentation for our clients that answers the initial questions they had and provides actionable insights into their business.
Data Collection & Analysis
In this phase, we send out surveys and do an initial evaluation of the data.
Strategy Development & Execution
In this phase, we design our surveys and make a plan for data collection.
Measure & Adapt
In this phase, we define the context of our growth case.