Kenwood Pre Induction - Product Basics

In advance of your attendance to the International Induction Meeting we would like to give you some introductory information to get you started! Please complete the relevant e-learning modules for De'Longhi and Kenwood. This should be done in advance of the meeting and will mean it's fresh in your mind in preparation for the workshops. Note, you will be tested within the course and during the meetings......


Kitchen Machines

Kenwood's flagship product

The Kenwood Chef is our most famous product. Here are some basics you need to know about the category. 

What is a Kenwood CHEF / Kitchen Machine?

It is a food mixer designed to knead, beat and whisk ingredients in an open bowl making cooking quicker, easier and even more pleasurable. In addition the Kenwood Chef and Chef XL provides the owner with the ability to add optional attachments, tailoring their product to their needs, the blender being one of the most important additional attachments. There are a number of outlets on the machine dedicated to a range of food preparation tasks. By fixing one of the many attachments available to these outlets a variety of foods can be prepared, from pasta and minced meat to smoothies and ice cream.The world’s most versatile kitchen machine!

What you can prepare when using a

  • K beater - Fruit Cakes, Sponge Cakes, Confectionary, Chocolate Cakes, Meatballs, Pasta Dough, Mashed Potato, Biscuits and Pastry
  • Whisk  - Soufflés, Whipping Cream, Crepes, Mousses, Meringues
  • Dough hook - Breads, pizza bases and sweet dough mixes for buns and pastries

What are the key differences of Kenwood CHEF Titanium vs. KitchenAid Artisan and why is it a benefit?

  • More powerful - providing speed and power that won’t falter. Easily tackle heavy doughs or quickly whip up a light sponge.
  • Stainless steel tools - The high quality, stainless steel bowl tools will transform your kitchen machine to suit your culinary needs. Mix, whisk and knead ingredients with confidence using the durable K-Beater, Power Whisk and Spiral Dough Hook.
  • Electronic speed control - The electronic speed control enables you to select the precise speed needed for your creation. Use the additional fold function to gently fold ingredients for the ultimate soufflé.
  • In-bowl illumination - The in-bowl illumination allows you to closely watch as your ingredients combine together, enabling you to stop at just the right moment to achieve your desired results.

  • More outlets to apply attachments, each fully optimised for a range of dedicated food preparation tasks (click on the 'i' for information)

Cooking Chef

What is the Cooking CHEF?

The Cooking Chef is a kitchen machine/stand mixer which can cook in the bowl. The machine operates in the same way as the Kenwood CHEF range; however this machine has an induction heating plate underneath the bowl. Precise heating with an induction plate, sensitive thermometers and the mixing power and performance of a Kenwood CHEF, means this machine is capable of making much more than a standard mixer. Think of the bowl like a saucepan which stirs itself and can be maintained at a precise temperature. With this simple idea you can make a huge range of recipes from choux pastry and crème pâtissière, to stir-fry, stews, marshmallow, tempered chocolate and even popcorn!

Health & Wellness

Quick Preparation for Health & Wellness

The products in this category are ideal for creating quick and healthy recipes. 




  • Citrus - fruit is cut in half and pressed againsta cone to squeeze the juice into a container below. 
  • Centrifugal - a rapidly spinning basket tears the fruit apart and separates the juice from the pulp.
  • Slow Scroll - the slowly rotating scroll crushes the fruit to separate the juice from the pulp.

Hand Blenders 

Food Processors

Ideal for quick and simple food preparation, Kenwood have a unique design. 


Closest thing to impulse buying – relatively quick decision making process with half a day in UK and average 3 days global. This means breakfast needs to stand out on the shelf! Quickest selling product too with 7 breakfast products sold every second compared to 4 blenders, 1 food processor etc.

Cooking & Connectivity

Food Preparation & Cooking 

Amongst the numerous food preparation products Kenwood have developed a cooking food processor. Here's how the products compare to the traditional and popular Food Processor. 

Food Processor 

Chops, blends, slices and grates. This product has a variable speed control and a selection of attachments depending on the model. 

Cooking Food Processor 

This does everything a food processor can do PLUS it can cook and has a timer.  

kCook Multi 

Has variable temperature control, a selection of speeds for complete control, a large capacity and attachments including a steamer. 

kCook Multi Smart

This has everything the kCook Multi has PLUS extra blades, a connected weighing scale and app control. 

Which additional attachment is one of the most important for the Kenwood Chef?

  • Pasta Roller
  • Meat Mincer
  • Juicer
  • Blender
  • Ice Cream Maker

Where is the high speed outlet on the Kenwood Chef?

A centrifugal juicer uses a spinning basket to separate the pulp from the juicer

  • Yes, this is correct

Select the features that the kCook Multi Smart has vs the kCook Multi

  • Weighing scales
  • Extra Blades
  • Extra Bowl
  • Blender Attachment
  • Whisk
  • App