The Importance of Body Language

Good communication skills are essential. But we communicate with more than just our words. Our body sends clear messages to those we interact with. If our body language matches our words, we can unlock a powerful tool for communicating with others. Do you know what your body is saying?

Expansive Body Language

Power Expands Our Body

Power Expands Our Body

When we feel powerful, our body expands. We stretch out. We lift our chins and pull our shoulders back. We puff out our chests, spread our feet apart, and often raise our arms. (Think of the body language of someone who has just won a race.) 

Even our speech may expand. We take more time to say things, and our vocal pitch becomes lower (longer, bigger sound waves). 


Talking With the Hands


When we steeple our hands, we send the message that we are confident (or overconfident) and that we believe we have power and knowledge that others do not possess. "Steeplers are found carrying the gesture when around subordinates, or whenever they seem to have the upper hand. Donald Trump performed the steeple frequently on his television show The Apprentice, in preparation, of all things, to fire his next apprentice! His steepling was an obvious cue to the power he had over his subordinates" (from

Steepling makes you look arrogant and is not effective in team building.

Note: Steepling is not unique to people with odd colored skin.

Body Language Tips

Contracted Body Language

Powerlessness Collapses the Body

Powerlessness Collapses the Body

When we feel powerless, we contract our body, pulling inward. We touch our torso or rub our neck. Our head comes down and we slouch our shoulders. If we are sitting, we may pull up our legs or fold them in toward the body. Our gestures become smaller, our speech becomes higher in pitch, and we may even cover our face.

The Key to Your Subconscious Mind

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Self Fulfilling Prophecy