Alpha Cybersecurity Awareness Modules

As part of Alpha FMC's commitment to maintaining high standards of cyber security and user awareness, we are issuing this training on a periodic basis to complete. 

May 2018 Module

Phishing introduction

Please watch the above short video on Phishing.

What is Phishing?

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a type of fraud in which a hacker attempts to gather personal information by impersonating a legitimate source or by sending users to a malicious web site. Hackers try to obtain any information that could help them pose as someone else, usually to steal money or intellectual property. This is done either through the surreptitious installation of malware, impersonating a legitimate site and stealing login credentials, or simply via a conversation.

Complete these True or False statements

  • Phishing often makes a malicious source look legitimate
  • Enticing or aggressive subject lines are used to lure people in
  • Any email with an attachment is a Phishing attempt
  • Genuine websites often show HTTPS in the address bar
  • If an e-mail goes to my Inbox instead of Junk, it is fine to open
  • If an e-mail has a company logo, I can trust the source
  • I can help reduce phishing attempts by reporting suspicious e-mails to my IT team

Phishing example