Transcription User Manual - Test Copy

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New Task (copy)

New Task

How many new tasks can be created in one day?

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

The Information Bar (copy)

The Information Bar


indicates times checkers re-checked markings. If it exceeds 3, package will be deemed unusable and package of the day will appear as "Invalid."  


if any package fails, markers have to go back to that package and correct the wrong markings.


if markers fail to correct the markings more than 3 times, the package will become invalid .

When a package is deemed unusable

If the number checks exceeds  the package will be deemed unusable.

Status of the Task (copy)

Status of the Task

What task status means that the task was not uploaded for more than 3 days?

  • Unsubmitted
  • Expired
  • Invalid

Recognition Page (copy)

Recognition Page

Multiple sections

A multiple section is when there is  person talking in the recording and between each section there is a gap bigger than 

Recognition Page (3/9)

The marker has to transcribe faithfully even if the speaker is not speaking properly or speaking with grammatical errors

  • True
  • False

Recognition Page (4/9)