Drug and Alcohol Awareness

This course offers an introduction to the effects of drug and alcohol on mental health. It considers why individuals might choose to use substances and discusses how assessment and treatment is delivered by the North London Forensic Service.

Defining Dual Diagnosis

What do we mean by Dual Diagnosis

What does Dual Diagnosis mean?

Why Focus on Dual Diagnosis

Why we are interested in Dual Diagnosis

The consequences of drug and alcohol use for mentally disordered offenders can be as follows;

Understanding why people use Substances

Why people use drugs or alcohol

What is the self-medication hypothesis?

Understanding the Effects of Substances

Stimulant Drugs

Which of these are stimulants

Depressant Drugs

Which of these are depressant drugs

Opioid Drugs

Which of these are opioids


Examples of Empathogens, Psychedelics and Dissociatives include

Cannabis and Synthetic Cannabis (Spice)

Approaches to Assessment


What would be useful to assess in relation to drug or alcohol use in a forensic unit?

Treatment Options in the NLFS

Treatment Program

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