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Watch this example of Customer Service.


Watch this video and jot down any interesting actions to you. 


Do you think that is a good customer service? What went well? What actions can they take to improve?

Lessons 1.1 How to speed read

[Handout] Day 2 Slides

Go through the slides and reflect on the following questions:

How can role-playing help benefit yourself and the company? 

HSBC Demonstration

Course 1/10 - Introduction & #8 The Challenger

Pre Training Self Study Deck _ 1 of 9

Slide 1: 

Welcome to mindpower Innovation Program

Please go through this powerpoint presentation and watch the related videos before class.

 This will help you get a better understanding.

Slide 3:

The 1st tool we are going to use is Enneagram

It is a psychometric tool that uncovers the hidden set of desire and fear in each individual

You will get your Enneagram report in the class.

Slide 4:

Notes to participants:

Fundamental concept

There are 3 layers of emotional health – Average, Healthy & Unhealthy

With reference to the study by Dr. David R. Hawkins from the US, each emotional heath states represent different energy level

When emotionally healthy, ones can display their mindPower and transform

When emotionally unhealthy, ones display their darkPower and cannot perform well

Slide 5: 

Enneagram Credibility

Enneagram was discovered in its initial form from 2,500 years ago, during Egyptian times.

It has been consolidated and certified of its validity by 3 Organisation Psychology academics and now widely used in Fortune 500 Companies

Slide 6: 

Uniqueness of Enneagram

Bring out Enneagram focuses on the “why” rather than just the “what”

Many may comment that Enneagram limits people and boxes them up into 9 types of people

Enneagram actually frees people from boxes

The other well-used models like MBTI, DISC and horoscopes are beneficial but they only look at what people do

Enneagram is the only one that focuses on the “WHY” – inborn motives and teaches you how to transform, based on your own motives

Slide 7:

9 Enneagram Types

Show the 9 Enneagram types (number and names)

There is 1 base type for each person and this type will not change throughout a person’s life.

There are 3 Centres – Body, Heart, Head, which are reflects the nature of their drive.

Slide 8: 

Body Centre

The Body Centre is the group whose strengths and blind spots are action-related.

 They need to see or do actions in reaction.

Slide 9: 

Heart Centre

The Heart Centre is the group whose strengths and blind spots are feelings-related. They care a lot of how they are being perceived.

Slide 10: 

Head Centre

The Head Centre is the group whose strengths and blind spots are thoughts-related. They care most about the experiences they can gain.

Slide 11: 

3 Accompanying Concepts

There are 3 other main concepts on top of Enneagrams.

The trainer will explain the concepts in detail in the class.

 It is not just a tool that divides the world into 9 types.

Slide 12: 

Concept 3 - Emotional Health Levels

There are 9 levels of healthiness and this program aims to push you up to level 4 or 3 where you are aware

and able to align your innate motives with your conscious actions

This helps you to be able to activate your mindPower™ and achieve transformation

Slide 13: 

Enneagram’s link to 6 mindPower™ The core strengths of each Enneagram type can be also mapped onto each mindPower™

Slide 14: 

9 CEO examples for Each Type

Illustrate every type can be a successful Entrepreneur

These are CEOs who have done the same assessments, proven to be at healthy emotional levels and lived out their mindPower™.

Slide 15: 

Explain why there are several types with high/similar scores in the report

Everyone has only 1 core inborn fear & desire but as we move on in life, we will learn behaviours that makes us seem not like our core type

Example: Twins tend to be given the same treatment, resources and upbringing, but we can commonly observe that many of them show very

 different personalities and reactions as they grow up. This shows the difference in their core inborn motive.

Slide 18: 

Type 8: The Challenger

Although most people want the freedom of choice to make decisions on their own, note that #8s desire that dearly for the sense of control. Being in control makes them feel most secured and #8s have an innate need to expand their control.

Slide 19: 

Type 8: The Challenger

Key Points

Naturally courageous, risk-taking, and tend to be visionary and look at big picture

Will proactively find areas for changes when all is well, and shine in times of crisis

Have 2 circles (Inner and Outer), very care for family (even see colleagues as family)3 Cs features: Control, Care and Change

Control people in kind intention, aggressive, divide and rule therefore people around them often feel love and hate relationship

Well-Known Example

Steve Jobs: Pick up from where he fall – returning to Apple when he was being forced out earlier

He also mentioned he just need 100 staff (A-team) to run Apple if anything happened

Li Ka Shing: keep working and enlarging his conglomerate never to retire

Donald Trump: appointed his relatives to work in government to strictly control the situation for the country

Winston Churchill: Bold, brave and tireless in his leadership style for Second World War

Slide 20: 

9 CEO Enneagram Types Interview Video – Type 8


Turn the sales deficit into profit after she joined the group of Metro Broadcast Corporation in 2001

Basic Questions:

Do you find any similarity between yourself & the CEO in the video?

How do your co-workers describe you?

How do your family describe you?




#8 The Challenger Video

Watch the Video

Listen attentively to her response. Why do you think she belongs to #8-The Challenger? 

Course 2/10 - #9 The Peacemaker

Pre Training Self Study Deck _ 2 of 9

Your Action

Read through the slides and proceed to the next page for the CEO interview.

#9 The Peacemaker Video

Watch the Video

Listen attentively to her response. Why do you think she belongs to #9-The Peacemaker? 

Course 3/10 - #1 The Reformer

Pre Training Self Study Deck _ 3 of 9

Your Action

Read through the slides and proceed to the next page for the CEO interview.