How to Identify Hazards - Overheads

Hazard identification, its importance and life saving preventative measures we can take.

Learning Objectives

Sheet 1 - Defining a hazard and risk

Sheet 2 - Types of visible hazards

Sheet 3 - Types of hidden hazards

Sheet 4 - Types of developing hazards

Sheet 5 - Visible hand drill hazards

Sheet 6 - Hazard categories

Sheet 7 - Hazard categories

Sheet 7 - Hazard categories

Sheet 9 - Dealing with hazards

Sheet 10 - The things we can do

There are three types of hazards, select the correct answer?

Confirm which are visible hand drill hazards

What is the definition of risk ?

How would you Deal with hazards in you work place?

Personal Protective Equipment is the first line of deference?