MOEYI Portal Training

Welcome to National Standards Curriculum (NSC), Online Portal Training. This course is a prerequisite for participation in the NSC Curriculum Training.

To begin, take a few minutes to explore the course site. Review the material you will cover in each module, and preview the assignments you will need to do to complete the course.  The below is a link to the training manual, you may read the relevant sections as you work though each module.

as you get started and enjoy the course!

Training Manual

Overview of the MoEYI Online Portal


Quiz 1

  • The Portal is a website that provides an entry point for a range of information and tools.
  • Most of the tools on the Portal will be used to support the implementation of the National Standards Curriculum (NSC).
  • The Portal is meant to serve as a one-stop shop for all of what the NSC users cannot find on the internet.
  • The Portal will primarily facilitate the sharing and collaboration among all NSC stakeholders.
Which statement about the MOEYI Education Portal is NOT correct?

Is the Portal important?

Develop a convincing argument for the use of the portal.

Access the MoEYI Online Portal

NSC email login

Portal Landing Page Activity

Match each label with the correct icon. You must get all correct to complete this activity.
  • Email Login
  • CREC
  • Classroom
  • Conference & Messaging
  • Grades 1-3
  • Grades 4-6
  • Grades 7-9

Complete the email address for a teacher by the name of John Doe. The school code for his work place is 01010.

john[email protected]

Portal Apps

Match each term with the description that best describes its function.
  • Email Login
    Controls access to the portal.
  • Central Repository of Educational Content
    Access to view and download NSC resources provided by the MOEYI.
  • Virtual Classroom and Training
    Facilitates the on-going training and professional development of teachers.
  • Conference and Messaging
    Text messaging and video conferencing facilities to further support collaboration, communication, and training.
  • Discussion Groups
    Facilitates collaboration, communication, and sharing among teachers and the MOEYI.

Exploring the Central Repository of Educational Content (CREC)

CREC Video

Deepening Your Understanding of the CREC

Read the step by step instructions for accessing the portal from the training manual (p.3-4).

Your thoughts

How do you feel about the layout of the CREC?

Question 1

Which icon is clicked to enter the CREC?

Question 2

Which folder(s) in the CREC will teachers access for NSC resources?

Using the Discussion Groups

Discussion Group Introduction

How to join a discussion group

Adding a new post and creating  a post

Replying to a post

Quiz 3

  • There are three discussion groups, one for grades 4-6, one for grades 7-9 and one for grades 10-11.
  • The discussion groups have been designed to facilitate the discussions and sharing of resources among stakeholders.
  • To join a discussion group one must apply for membership.
  • When a person's join request has been approved they will get a confirmation phone call.
  • Discussions in a group are organised into subject categories.
  • Once in a group a person may add new discussion topics, respond to topics added by others, and upload various types of files.

Setting up and using the Virtual Classroom and Training (VCT)

Using the virtual classroom as student

Creating a class

Create an announcement

Create a question

Reuse a post

Create an assignment

Question 1

Which is used to create a new class?

Question 2

Which would you click on to view the class code?

Question 3

Which is used to create an assignment?

Using the Conference and Messaging Application

Google Hangouts Tutorial

Question 1

  • a microphone and a stylus
  • a stylus and a webcam
  • a webcam and microphone
What do you need to use the Google Hangouts app?

Question 2

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
What is the maximum number of people that Google hangout allows to talk at the same time for free?

Question 3

  • Naming the hangout and then inviting participants.
  • Inviting the participants and then naming the hangout.
  • By searching for the hangout and clicking the first link that comes up.
What is the first step in starting a hangout?

Question 4

  • Participants are needed to start a hangout.

Question 5

Which is the screen sharing icon?