Experiential Learning Mini-Lesson

The course primarily focuses on the principles of applied visual simulation technology and application of quantitative analyses of human-computer interaction.  This course will include a scavenger hunt within virtual worlds, and simulation systems, modeling, human-performance evaluation, data analysis, and human-behavior modeling.  The objectives are to provide experiential learning for students and support the impact of technology through the following skills to include but not be limited to problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, leadership, social ethics and the ability for students to work well with people of different backgrounds.

Guidelines for Needs Assessment for Experiential Learning

How successful do you believe you were achieving the goals of the scavenger hunt virtual world exercise?

If you were successful with the scavenger hunt, what did you do that was effective in moving you towards completion of the task?

What did you do at the beginning to ensure that you all understood the the purpose of the scavenger hunt exercise? How confident were you that a successful mission could be accomplished?

What was your understanding of the success criteria for an acceptable scavenger hunt? For example, how would you know if you had accomplish the overall mission of the task(s)?

What process did you use for identifying any constraints that would impact on the viability of the achieving your goal, such as limits on time, difficult to navigate in the environment? Did you identify any specific guidelines during the tasks.

How did you go about generating alternative options with the scavenger hunt?

What was your process for evaluating ideas?

How did you make the decision about your chosen solution and how successful was your choice?

Can you give specific examples of individual behaviors that were effective or helpful? (Perhaps those avatars in the world that may have contribute to your cause - provide names)

If you were not successful in achieving the task, what were the problems that you encountered? What did you do to try to overcome them? What else could you have tried if you were limited to options?

If you were to repeat the exercise, what would you recommend that you can do differently? What would you change about your own personal contribution to the scavenger hunt exercise?