School of WooHoo - Chapter 8: Tax Returns - Activity 4

Welcome to Chapter 8: Tax Returns - Activity 4

After completing this chapter, you will be able to evaluate if the customer has a tax return requirement. You will also be able to demonstrate a good understanding on explaining to a customer the requirements and stress the importance of completing a tax return so that they meet their tax obligations.

If you get an answer incorrect, it will tell you the correct answer and on occasion, a further explanation. Please do not attempt the question again, just move on to the next question.

Use your resources such as Woogle wisely and ensure you fully read the question before answering.

Good luck!

Chapter 8: Tax Returns

1. Choose the correct fee for each package

  • $250
  • $100
  • $250
  • $250
  • 19.5% with $19 minimum and $400 max
  • $250
  • 19.5% with $19 minimum and $400 max
  • $250
  • $250
  • $250
  • $250
  • $250
  • 19.5% with $19 minimum and $400 max

2.  If a customer advises you they do not want to file their mandatory tax return, what should you advise them?

  • Explain to the customer that we will remove them from our service, however stress that they do need to file themselves
  • Explain to customer that what they are wanting to do is against the law and we cannot knowingly assist them to break the law.
  • Explain that their actions can put as at risk and we will remove them from our service

3. Match the industries with their explanation

  • BNB
    A form of short term accommodation in someone's personal home. The host typically provides the guest with breakfast and sometimes may offer dinner or packed lunches.
  • Airbnb
    A global website that provides a platform for people (hosts) to rent out either one or more bedrooms in their home or the entire house to guests for short term accommodation.
  • Holiday House
    A property that is not ordinarily lived in (i.e. not a personal home) that is rented out for short term accommodation. In NZ, this is commonly referred to as a bach or a crib as well.
  • Uber
    A worldwide online transportation network company. The app automatically sends to the driver nearest to the consumer, alerting the driver to the location of the customer. The app automatically calculates the fare and transfers the payment to the driver
  • Multi-Level Marketer (MLM)
    A person who sells products via a network of other people. They are not always directly engaged with the end consumer. And in some cases may be 3-10 + levels away from the consumer. Some examples are: Avon, Scentsy, Herbalife and Isagenix.

4.  Match the industries with their explanation

  • Fisherman
    Contracted to work on the fishing boats in NZ waters and sometimes beyond. They will be required to assist with the sailing of the boat as well as the lines or nets the fishing boats uses to catch fish. They may be on the boat for days at a time.
  • Insurance Agents
    Interview clients to identify their insurance needs, explain details of insurance conditions, risks, premiums, benefits. They may calculate the premiums, record information about the client.
  • Real Estate Agents
    The house seller's (vendor's) representative when a house is being sold
  • ACC Attendant
    Help from another person who performs tasks for a person cannot do for themselves because of an injury. These tasks include personal care, tasks of daily living and protection from further injury.
  • Seasonal Worker
    A type of fixed-term employment where the employment agreement says that the work will finish at the end of the season. It’s commonly used in the fruit, vegetable, fishing and meat industries.