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Introduction to different Control types

Plug in Analogue timer (Combi boilers only)

Digital timer (Combi and system boilers)

Room Thermostat

Basic Solution - Mechanical timer with room thermostat

Traditional Solution - Digital programmer with room thermostat

Which Control is the timeSWITCH 150?

Match the thermostat to the timeSWITCH!

–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
timeSWITCH 150
VRT 50
timeSWITCH 160
VRT 15

Programmable Room Thermostats

Digital wired or wireless load compensation solution

The VRT 350f Wireless programmable room thermostat

The VRT 350 Wired programmable room thermostat

Name that room thermostat?

Which of these Vaillant Controls are compatible with 2 heating zones

Which wiring centre is required for system and open vent boilers with standard vaillant controls

Internet connected controls

vSMART - Smart just got a whole lot smarter

vSMART Screen

vSMART Features?

Introduction to Enhanced Load Compensation and Weather Compensation

Programmable Room Thermostat with Load compensation

Load Compensation - When the house is warm

Load Compensation - When the house is cold

Load compensation scenario

What type of control is a VRT 350?

Programmable Room Thermostat with Weather compensation

Different types of weather data

Weather Compensation - how it works